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Extra, Extra, VERT Reads All About It: Cybersecurity News for the Week of June 06, 2022

All of us at Tripwire’s Vulnerability Exposure and Research Team (VERT) are constantly looking out for interesting stories and developments in the infosec world. Here’s what cybersecurity news stood out to us during the week of June 06, 2022. I’ve also included some comments on these stories.Another nation-state actor exploits Microsoft Follina to attack Eur
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The Crossroads of Disinformation and Nation State Attackers

In this episode, Ian Thornton-Trump, CISO at Cyjax, digests nation state’s disinformation campaigns and the cybersecurity landscape. He also discusses the role disinformation on social media plays in cybersecurity.Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5UDKiGLlzxhiGnd6FtvEnmStitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-tripwire-cybersecurity-podcastRS
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COVID-19 – Johnson & Johnson saw a 30% uptick in cyber-attacks

Healthcare organizations like Johnson & Johnson are observing a surge of cyber attacks carried by state-sponsored hackers during COVID-19 pandemic. Nation-state actors are intensifying their attacks against organizations in the healthcare industry, like Johnson & Johnson, that are involved in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. Johnson &am
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Facebook. Beware state-sponsored hackers are trying to hack you!

Good news, starting today, Facebook will notify you if they believe state-sponsored hackers are trying to compromise your account. Facebook announced a new initiative to protect its users from prying eyes, the popular social network will inform them on any suspected compromise from state-sponsored hackers. “Starting toda
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JPMorgan is the Canary in the Coal Mine, and the Canary just Died

Private businesses must be prepared to defend against nation-state attacks.As I’m sure you’ve heard, it has been estimated that 76 million households were affected by the JPMorgan Chase breach. Of course, customers are worried about the specifics of the attack. They want to know exactly what information was stolen and how this information could be used for c
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