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How to monitor etcd

Learning how to monitor etcd is of vital importance when running Kubernetes in production. Monitoring etcd will let you validate that the service performs as expected, while detecting and troubleshooting issues that could take your entire infrastructure down. Keep reading to learn how you can collect the most important metrics from etcd and use them to monit
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Exporters and Target Labels

When monitoring third-party applications with Prometheus, you’ll need an exporter if the application doesn’t already expose metrics in the appropriate format. How do you find an appropriate exporter, and once you have your exporters, how should you organize your label taxonomies to reflect your infrastructure? Many applications in the syst
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From Instrumentation to PromQL

As a developer, getting metrics from your application onto a Prometheus graph can seem daunting. We’ll look at analyzing your service to find the most useful places to add metrics, how to add that instrumentation, getting it exposed and scraped, and then basic queries to use those metrics on graphs. Check out another article of mine for general
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New and improved dashboards: PromQL, Teams sharing, and more!

To accompany Sysdig’s announcement of the first cloud-scale Prometheus monitoring offering, we had to re-architect our dashboarding experience from the ground up to support the Prometheus query language, PromQL. The query language is the standard method to query metrics within the ecosystem, and it’s an entirely new way to slice and dice metrics within Sys
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Improving the Prometheus exporter for Amazon CloudWatch

A Prometheus CloudWatch exporter is a key element for anyone wanting to monitor AWS CloudWatch. Exporting CloudWatch metrics to a Prometheus server allows leveraging of the power of PromQL queries, integrating AWS metrics with those from other applications or cloud providers, and creating advanced dashboards for digging down into problems. But, who wa
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OpenMetrics: Is Prometheus unbound?

This article will introduce OpenMetrics, compare it to the Prometheus exposition format and review the current status of its implementation. This is the written evolution of a lightning talk I gave on May, 19th (2019) at Cloud_Native Rejekts in Barcelona
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Challenges using Prometheus at scale

This article will cover the most common challenges you might find when trying to use Prometheus at scale. Prometheus is one of the foundations of the cloud-native environment. It has become the de-facto standard for visibility in Kubernetes environments, creating a new category called Prometheus monitoring. The Prometheus journey is usually tied to th
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PromCat: A resource catalog for enterprise-class Prometheus monitoring

PromCat, short for Prometheus Catalog, is a resource catalog for enterprise-class Prometheus monitoring. Prometheus has been revolutionary in the way we monitor our cloud-native environments, attracting immense attention from the open-source community and making the amount of Prometheus monitoring resources explode. Now, there are so many resour
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How to protect against stalkerware, a murky but dangerous mobile threat

Last week, we pledged that—in honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness months—we would continue the fight against the online scourge known as stalkerware, or applications used to track and spy on victims without their knowing consent. We told readers that, despite working to protect against stalkerware programs for more th
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Virtualization-Based Security…Bromium 4.0 Takes Isolation Mainstream

We’ve been working hard to get ready for the long anticipated launch of Bromium Secure Platform 4.0. Many of our customers, 35 to be exact, have already had the opportunity to test the release candidates and give feedback. Register now for the upcoming webinar on April 27 to learn more about what’s in the new release of Bromium Secure Platform. Virtualizat
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Iran orders media companies to store data in the country

Iran orders foreign social media and instant messaging companies to use servers in the country to store all data related to the Iranian citizens. The Iranian Government spends a significant effort for the Internet monitoring and control, its activities often lead to a concrete censorship. Last year the Government of Teheran has blocked Telegram and many othe
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Audio fingerprinting being used to track Internet users

A study of online trackers carried out by researchers at Princeton University allowed the identification of the Audio fingerprinting tracking technique. Privacy is probably one of the most debated arguments when dealing with the Internet, we discussed several times the way to protect anonymity online and which are the attacks law enforcement and intelligen
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FISA Court approved each and every request made by the government in 2015

According to a Justice Department memo, the FISA ACT Court approved each and every request made by the government in 2015. According to a Justice Department memo, the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court approved each and every request made by the government in 2015. All of the 1,457 requests made last year by the NSA and FBI were
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The FBI requests $38 Million to counter the threat of Going Dark

The FBI requests $38 Million to counter the threat of Going Dark, in particular asking more economic resources to break encryption when needed. The FBI Director James Comey has highlighted in different occasions the difficulties faced by law enforcement when dealing with encryption during their investigations. Now, the FBI is making its request for budget fo
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Italian intelligence plans to monitor also communications through the Playstation

Italian intelligence is planning to invest in solutions that could allow its counter-terrorism agents to monitor Sony’s PlayStation Network. The Italian intelligence is planning to invest in solutions that could allow the agents of the Italian counter-terrorism to monitor Sony’s PlayStation Network in order to prev
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