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VideoBytes: Ransomware gets wasted!

Hello dear readers, and welcome to the latest edition of VideoBytes! On today’s episode, we’re talking about how ransomware is on the rise again, focused on attacking corporations with malware that not only encrypts files, but also steals it.  The tactics used to deploy these forms of ransomware have become more capable and the amount of
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Dozens of unsecured databases wiped by mysterious Meow attack

Dozens of unsecured databases exposed online web wiped by threat actors as part of a campaign tracked as Meow attack. Experts observed dozens of unsecured Elasticsearch and MongoDB instances exposed online that were inexplicably wiped by threat actors as part of a campaign tracked as Meow attack. The Meow attack began recently and attackers did not lea
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Hackers are targeting unsecured MongoDB database

A new wave of attacks is targeting unsecured MongoDB database servers and wiping their content attempting to extort a ransom to the victims. The popular security expert Victor Gevers from the non-profit GDI Foundation reported a new wave of attacks that are targeting unsecured MongoDB database servers exposed online. Threat actors are wiping the content o
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22,900 MongoDB Databases Held to Ransom by Hacker Threatening to Report Firms for GDPR Violations

Hackers are once again finding unsecured MongoDB databases carelessly left exposed on the internet, wiping their contents, and leaving a ransom note demanding a cryptocurrency payment for the data’s safe return.As ZDNet reports, ransom notes have been left on almost 23,000 MongoDB databases that were let unprotected on the public internet without a pas
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Patch Tuesday, January 2020 Edition

Microsoft today released updates to plug 50 security holes in various flavors of Windows and related software. The patch batch includes a fix for a flaw in Windows 10 and server equivalents of this operating system that prompted an unprecedented public warning from the U.S. National Security Agency. This month also marks the end of mainstream support for Win
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MongoDB improves security amid new wave of ransom-attacks

MongoDB company implements new data security features in response to the recent wave of ransom attacks that hit installations worldwide. You have to admit that the bad actors are very good at leveraging a vulnerability into a lucrative opportunity. The latest example comes from MongoDB,  a popular, open source database commonly deployed for big data applicat
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Unsecure Hadoop Distributed File System installs 5 PB of Data

According to Shodan search, unprotected Hadoop Distributed File System installations expose 5 PB of data. Hadoop servers that are not securely configured expose vast amounts of data, according to an analysis conducted using the Internet search engine Shodan. A study conducted by Shodan revealed that nearly 4,500 servers with the Hadoop Distributed File Syste
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Get Serious About Data Protection to Secure MongoDB

The inevitable happened — attackers stole data from thousands upon thousands of misconfigured MongoDB databases and are now demanding ransom money to get it back. These cybercriminals are going after even more misconfigured systems on the internet. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The IT community has known for some time that default settings can le
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Extortionists Wipe Thousands of Databases, Victims Who Pay Up Get Stiffed

Tens of thousands of personal and possibly proprietary databases that were left accessible to the public online have just been wiped from the Internet, replaced with ransom notes demanding payment for the return of the files. Adding insult to injury, it appears that virtually none of the victims have paid the ransom have gotten their files back because multi
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Hello Kitty database leaked online, 3.3 million fans affected

The Hello Kitty MongoDB database leaked online one year ago recently surface on the web, it includes 3.3 million records belonging to Hello Kitty fans. The security researcher Chris Vickery discovered a Sanrio database that was misconfigured and exposed to the public in 2015. On December 2015, Vickery reported the discovery to Databreaches.net and Salted Has
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Number of MongoDB ransom attacks peaked 27,000 in a day

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority Antipodes the number of hacked MongoDB databases more than double to 27,000 in just a day. MongoDB ransom attacks soar, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority Antipodes the number of hacked systems more than double to 27,000 in just a day. According to the experts, the hac
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Online databases dropping like flies, with >10k falling to ransomware groups

reader comments 62 Share this story More than 10,000 website databases have been taken hostage in recent days by attackers who are demanding hefty ransoms for the data to be restored, a security researcher said Friday.The affected data is created and stored by the open source MongoDB database application, according to researchers who h
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11GB archive of Top Secret US SOCOM data accidentally leaked

The popular security expert Chris Vickery discovered a 11GB archive of Top Secret US SOCOM data that was accidentally leaked. A subcontractor of the Pentagon has exposed top-secret information of the US Military Special Operations Command (SOCOM) medics. Exposed records include names, locations, Social Security Numbers, and salaries of the Military SOCOM
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Unprotected MongoDB Databases Wiped and Held for Ransom by Attacker

An attacker is obtaining access to unprotected MongoDB databases, stealing and erasing their content, and holding them for ransom.On 27 December, security researcher Victor Gevers came across a MongoDB server that was open to external connections and that lacked a password on its admin account.This database didn’t contain a lot of information. In fact,
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Hacker held open MongoDB databases for ransom

A mysterious hacker is breaking into unprotected MongoDB databases, stealing their content, and asking for a ransom to return the data. Co-founder of the GDI Foundation Victor Gevers is warning of poor security for MongoDB installations in the wild. The security expert has discovered 196 instances of MongoDB that were wiped by crooks and being held for ranso
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