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Spammers Serve Trump and Movie Survey Mashup

I wondered for a moment if I’d been signed up to some sort of political taskforce when I opened up the spamtraps, but as it turns out spammers are just jumping on the Donald Trump bandwagon with the following missive: Claiming to be from “D. Trump”, the mail is titled “$ Trump reveals groundbreaking secrets to triple your income fast
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Fake Daily Mirror Site offers “Facebook Social Media Profits Program”

One of the oldest tricks in the book is a fake news site; throw up some familiar banners, a splash of well worn logos and half a dozen fake links to nowhere and you have a perfect storm of believability and dubious antics. The BBC are popular targets, as we can see from the below fake website / Adobe Flash download combo: On the same lines, fake CNN sites a
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Email Hijack Leads to “I was robbed, send me money” Scam

Oh dear, one of your relatives has had a bit of an accident and now they need help. Or maybe their bag was stolen and you’ve had a desperate message pleading for some funds to get them home safely. Perhaps they locked themselves out and the locksmith won’t leave until you fix their cash shortage. All of the above are entirely possible scenarios,
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