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Half-Year Review: Emerging Mobile Threats and Key Trends in 2022

As the saying goes, time is money. While this does remain true, I’d also argue data is money. The mobile phones we carry in our pockets have quickly come to represent our personal ATMs. We use our phones to make purchases, send money, and do banking. On the same note, we now also use our mobile devices to manage our personal and corporate data, the digital g
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NCCoE Guide on Zero Trust Architectures: Draft Released

For some time now, security teams have been contending with a fundamental shift: the erosion or complete disappearance of a security perimeter. When sensitive assets can be anywhere, the prospect of building defenses aimed at keeping the bad actors “out” becomes impractical. It is for these reasons that the establishment of zero trust architectures has emerg
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ABCsoup: The Malicious Adware Extension with 350 Variants

What can ABCsoup do? Recently Zimperium discovered and began monitoring the growth of a wide range of malicious browser extensions with the same extension ID as that of Google Translate, deceiving users into believing that they have installed a legitimate extension. Similar to app spoofing and cloning, these malicious applications look legitimate, but undern
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Researchers Flag 'Significant Escalation' in Software Supply Chain Attacks

Security researchers at ReversingLabs are warning of a “significant escalation in software supply chain attacks” after discovering more than two dozen malicious NPM packages siphoning user data from mobile and desktop applications.The latest attack, dubbed Iconburst, is described as a widespread and coordinated campaign to install malicious Javascript packag
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Apple Adds 'Lockdown Mode' to Thwart .Gov Mercenary Spyware

Faced with a surge in state-sponsored mercenary spyware attacks targeting its flagship iOS platform, Apple plans to add a new 'Lockdown Mode' that significantly reduces attack surface and adds technical roadblocks to limit sophisticated software exploits.The Cupertino, Calif. tech giant said the Lockdown Mode capability will be available on iOS 16, iPadOS 16
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Oak9 Lands $8 Million in New Venture Investment

Chicago-based Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) startup oak9 has attracted new interest from venture capitalists with Cisco Investments and Morgan Stanley’s Next Level Fund joining a new $8 million funding round.The latest financing, led by existing investor Menlo Ventures, brings the total raised by oak9 to $14 million following a $5.9 million seed round the com
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Vulnerability in Amazon Photos Android App Exposed User Information

Cybersecurity firm Checkmarx has published details on a high-severity vulnerability in the Amazon Photos Android application that could have allowed malicious apps to steal an Amazon access token.With more than 50 million downloads, Amazon Photos offers cloud storage, allowing users to store photos and videos at their original quality, as well as to print an
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Can iPhones Get Viruses?

Yes, iPhones get viruses, but it’s very rare. A virus on a phone, like an iPhone, is a computer program targeting cellular devices. These viruses are linked to threats like the release of personal information, unauthorized use of credit cards, location tracking, spam and more. An iPhone is at risk for viruses if the phone is jailbroken or not recently update
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Are you eligible to get a cut out of the $90 million class action lawsuit against Facebook?

Facebook will have to pay $90 million in a class action settlement. Even though the social media giant never admitted wrongdoing, Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platform, owned by Meta, agreed to settle. The plaintiffs and Facebook reached an agreement to avoid additional costs and risks associated with going on a trial. Even though Meta has been throu
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Cyolo Banks $60M Series B for ZTNA Technology

Cyolo, an Israeli startup building technology for zero trust networking, on Monday announced a new $60 million investment led by the venture investing arm of National Grid.In addition to National Grid Partners, Cyolo said it scored investments from Glilot Capital Partners, Flint Capital, Differential Ventures, and Merlin Ventures. The Series B financing
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Normalyze Announces $22 Million for DSPM Technology

Bay Area startup Normalyze on Monday announced a $22 million in Series A funding as venture capital investors rush to place bets on the newly coined Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) space.Normalyze, based in San Francisco, said the funding round was co-led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Battery Ventures and brings the total raised to $26.6 million
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Zimperium Reinforces Its Public Sector Commitment with New Data Connector for Microsoft Sentinel in Azure Government

The rising threats against government agencies are an ongoing concern in today’s threat landscape. With nation-state actors targeting local, state, and federal agencies, security teams in the government sector that leverage Microsoft’s Azure Government ecosystem are realizing they need more robust security and threat intelligence to secure government-issued
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Sophisticated Android Spyware 'Hermit' Used by Governments

Security researchers at Lookout have analyzed a sophisticated Android spyware family that appears to have been created to serve nation-state customers.Dubbed Hermit, the threat appears to be the first publicly identified mobile spyware developed by Italian vendor RCS Lab S.p.A. and Tykelab Srl, which claims to be a telecommunications solutions company, but w
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Researchers: Wi-Fi Probe Requests Expose User Data

A group of academic researchers from the University of Hamburg in Germany has discovered that mobile devices leak identifying information about their owners via Wi-Fi probe requests.Mobile devices use these probe requests to receive information about nearby Wi-Fi access points and establish connections to them when a probe response is received.Attackers that
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HYCU Raises $53 Million for Data Backup Technology

Backup-as-a-service firm HYCU has raised $53 million in a Series B funding round that brings the total invested in the company to $140.5 million.The new funding round was led by Acrew Capital, with participation from all previous investors, along with Atlassian Ventures and Cisco Investments.Founded in 2018, the Boston, Massachusetts-based HYCU sells technol
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