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Signal PINs Allow Users to Recover Data When Switching Phones

Encrypted messaging service Signal has announced the introduction of a new feature that allows users to recover their data if they switch to a new device.Offering end-to-end encrypted conversations, Signal was built by default in such a manner that users’ information is always kept private and never sent to a server. What this means is that, if a user’s phon
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What Truly Matters for Remote Workers Using GFE and BYOD Mobile Devices

The world has changed and we all know it. Mobile operations are at the forefront of every organization and so is mobile security. We’ve all seen attacks as simple as malicious apps, SMS phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks; to the more challenging, such as elevation of privileges, exfiltration of data and command and control manipulation. What you may not
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Global 1000 Security Execs: Mobile No Longer “The Forgotten Endpoint”

As the global leader in mobile security, Zimperium is proud of the companies and governments that trust us to protect their mobile endpoints and applications. Our customers are not only well-known for their brands, they are known for being some of the most sophisticated and knowledgeable security organizations in the world. We recently spoke with several of
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SMBs Are Ready to Grow Into Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Beyond

In the tech industry, “enterprise” is often equated to large businesses, but when it comes to enterprise mobility management (EMM), we should expand our definition. Why? Small and mid-size businesses (typically firms with 100-999 workers) today need the same mobile device, app and content management capabilities as the big guys. Many of these sma
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'Mandrake' Android Spyware Remained Undetected for 4 Years

Security researchers at Bitdefender have identified a highly sophisticated Android spyware platform that managed to remain undetected for four years.Dubbed Mandrake, the platform targets only specific devices, as its operators are keen on remaining undetected for as long as possible. Thus, the malware avoids infecting devices in countries that might bring no
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Zimperium Partners with ZecOps to Deliver the Only Integrated Mobile Threat Defense and Automated Digital Forensics Solu

Integration extends Zimperium solution to include ZecOps’ automated agentless Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) capabilities Our new strategic partnership with ZecOps, the leading agentless automated Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) company, provides Zimperium customers with the only comprehensive mobile detection, forensics and i
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Top 5 Ways to Secure All Remote Workers with Microsoft & Zimperium

I had the pleasure of recently conducting a timely webinar on the Top Five Ways to Secure All Remote Workers with two executives from our partners at Microsoft – – Dave Randall, Senior Program Manager of Endpoint Manager, and Aasawari Navathe, Program Manager. The world changed overnight Even before the pandemic, it’s surprising how quickl
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Addressing Critical iOS “Zero-Click” Mail Vulnerabilities

Recently, two vulnerabilities were disclosed in the default iOS Mail application that have existed since 2012 (iOS 6). According to the disclosing company, ZecOps, both vulnerabilities allow remote code execution capabilities and enable an attacker to remotely infect a device. ZecOps has also reported that both vulnerabilities were triggered in-the-wild aga
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Android Phone Makers Improve Patching Practices

Android smartphone manufacturers have significantly improved their patching hygiene over the past couple of years, a new report from Security Research Labs reveals.Starting in 2015, after the Stagefright vulnerability was disclosed, Google has been releasing new security fixes for the Android operating system on a monthly basis, urging vendors to review and
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Android Ransomware Asks for Victim's Credit Card Info

Ransomware Capabilities Added to 'Lucy' Android MalwareA piece of Android ransomware uses a scareware tactic to extort money from victims: it asks them to provide their credit card information to pay a “fine,” Check Point reveals.Dubbed Black Rose Lucy, or simply Lucy, the malicious program was initially discovered in 2018 as a Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) bo
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Google Launches Cloud-Based Remote Access Solution

Google this week announced the availability of a cloud-based solution meant to help work-from-home employees securely access enterprise resources.The newly launched BeyondCorp Remote Access is based on a zero-trust model and provides employees with the ability to remotely access internal web apps from almost any device, from anywhere, even without the use of
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New Android Banking Trojan Targets Spanish, Portuguese Speaking Users

IBM X-Force research recently analyzed a new Android banking Trojan that appears to be targeting users in countries that speak Spanish or Portuguese, namely Spain, Portugal, Brazil and other parts of Latin America. This Trojan, which was created atop an existing, simpler SMSstealer.BR, was supplemented with more elaborate overlay capabilities. That portion o
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COVID-19’s Remote Workforce: Protect Your Rapidly Growing Attack Surface

As organizations adapt and respond to the impact of COVID-19, significant new challenges are on the rise as a majority of the workforce has shifted to remote work arrangements. Employee-owned devices and home networks that were not formerly protected by enterprise security controls have rapidly expanded many organizations’ attack surfaces. At the same
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DHS Working on Cloud-based Root-of-Trust to Secure Agency Email on Mobile Devices

Short on Technical details, DHS Announces Plan to Strengthen Mobile Device Email Security and Privacy for Corporate Devices in Personal UseThe DHS is partnering with BlueRISC Inc to develop Cloud-based Root-of-Trust (CRoT) technology to keep agency email separate and secure on corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE) devices, even when the user o
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Syrian Hackers Target Mobile Users With COVID-19 Lures

Syrian-linked hackers recently switched to COVID-19-themed lures as part of a long-running surveillance campaign, Lookout security researchers reveal.Supposedly active since January 2018, the campaign targets Arabic-speaking users with tens of Android applications, none of which is available in the official Google Play Store. Likely targeting users in Syria
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