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Report: Dozens of El Salvador Journalists, Activists Hacked

Dozens of journalists and human rights defenders in El Salvador had their cellphones repeatedly hacked with sophisticated spyware over the past year and a half, an internet watchdog said Wednesday.Reporting on its latest findings about use of the Israeli firm NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware, the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab said it had identified a Pegasu
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Apple Patches iOS HomeKit Flaw After Researcher Warning

Apple has released an iOS security update with a fix for a persistent denial-of-service flaw in the HomeKit software framework but only after an independent researcher publicly criticized the company for ignoring his discovery.The iOS 15.2.1 patch, available for all supported iPhones and iPads, is described simply as a “resource exhaustion issue” that causes
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Moxie Marlinspike Steps Down as Signal CEO

Celebrated cryptographer Moxie Marlinspike is stepping down as chief executive at Signal, temporarily turning the reins of the popular encrypted messaging platform to WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton.Marlinspike, who created Signal and led its growth into becoming a must-use encrypted messaging app, said Signal would begin the search for a new chief executive
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U.S. Government Issues Warning Over Commercial Surveillance Tools

The U.S. State Department and the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) on Friday issued a warning over the use of commercial surveillance tools.The one-page document says governments and other entities have been using spyware sold by companies and individuals. The spyware can typically be used to record audio, track a device’s location, an
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The Most Important Security Takeaway from the October Facebook Outage

  The massive October 4th Facebook outage was not due to a breach and was not classified as a security issue. But the fact that it went down — and was inaccessible for an extended period — is itself a security concern that the enterprise must address. That security concern is business continuity.  According to reports, The Facebook out
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Swiss Army Knifes WhatsApp at Work

Switzerland's army has banned the use of WhatsApp whilst on duty, a spokesman confirmed Thursday, in favour of a Swiss messaging service deemed more secure in terms of data protection.The ban also applies to using other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram on soldiers' private phones during service operations.At the end of December, commanders and chiefs
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Rights Group Verifies Polish Senator Was Hacked With Spyware

Amnesty International said Thursday it has independently confirmed that powerful spyware from the Israeli surveillance software maker NSO Group was used to hack a Polish senator multiple times in 2019 when he was running the opposition’s parliamentary election campaign.The Associated Press reported last month that Citizen Lab, an internet watchdog group at t
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Microsoft Announces Zero-Touch Onboarding for 'Defender for Endpoint' on iOS

Microsoft this week announced the public preview of zero-touch onboarding for Defender for Endpoint on iOS.With the new capability, organizations can deploy Defender for Endpoint on iOS across devices in their environment without requiring any form of user interaction, as long as those devices are enrolled with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.By providing a zero-
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Malware Can Fake iPhone Shutdown via 'NoReboot' Technique

Researchers at mobile security firm ZecOps have shown how a piece of iOS malware can achieve “persistence” on a device by faking its shutdown process.Malware designed to target iPhones is not uncommon, but many of these threats are not capable of staying on a device after it has been rebooted.Instead of trying to develop a sophisticated persistence exploit f
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Google Patches 48 Vulnerabilities With First Set of 2022 Android Updates

Google this week published information on the first set of 2022 security updates for Android, describing a total of 48 vulnerabilities that were addressed across Android OS, Pixel devices, and Android Automotive OS.The January 2022 Android Security Bulletin describes a total of 35 vulnerabilities addressed across two patch levels, the majority of which have
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Los Angeles Partners with Zimperium to Keep Residents Safe on Mobile

Mobile devices keep us tethered to the rest of the world. With the shift to remote work, schooling, banking, and healthcare, residents have become increasingly reliant on remote connectivity and mobile devices. Accessing digital services via mobile helps remove friction and improve residents’ quality of life. Whether at home, school, or work, mobile
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DuckDuckGo Signals Entry Into Desktop Browser Market

Gabriel Weinberg’s DuckDuckGo is taking aim at the desktop browser market, betting that default privacy-centric settings will provide safer alternatives to Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browsers.The upstart search engine company says it is building a desktop browser from scratch with the same privacy-enhancing defaults that makes the Du
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Research: Simulated Phishing Tests Make Organizations Less Secure

A large-scale, long-term phishing experiment conducted in a 56,000-employee organization has come to a startling conclusion: Those simulated phishing tests commonly seen in corporate user-education campaigns are actually making things much worse.After a 15-month phishing experiment done in partnership with an unnamed publicly traded global company, researche
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It’s Not Too Soon to Start Talking About 6G

We may be only a short time into 5G deployments, but discussions of the impact 6G technology will have on our lives have already started. In late 2020, the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions created a new group called the Next G Alliance to “advance North American mobile technology leadership over the next decade through private sector
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Corellium Lands $25 Million Investment for Virtualization Tech

Fresh off a high-profile legal triumph over Apple, virtualization technology startup Corellium is now enjoying the attention of investors with Paladin Capital Group leading a $25 million funding round.Corellium, a Florida-based company with its roots in the iPhone jailbreaking community, said the $25 million Series A also included investments from Cisco inve
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