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‘Tis the Season for Cybersecurity: Stay Protected This Holiday Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season – and with the holidays comes various opportunities for cyber-scrooges to exploit. While users prepare for the festivities, cybercriminals look for opportunities to scam holiday shoppers with various tricks. To shed more light on how these crooks are putting a damper on user’s holiday season, McAfee survey
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This Holiday Season, Watch Out for These Cyber-Grinch Tricks

Whether it be that their shoes are too tight, their heads aren’t screwed on just right, or they’re expressing a little bit of “Bah Humbug,” cyber-grinches and cyber-scrooges everywhere view the holiday season as a perfect opportunity to exploit users. In fact, McAfee recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 adults over the age of 18 in the U.S. from October
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Huawei Asks Court to Throw Out US Telecom Funds Ban

Chinese tech giant Huawei is asking a U.S. federal court to throw out a rule that bars rural phone carriers from using government money to purchase its equipment on security grounds.The lawsuit announced Thursday is Huawei Technologies Ltd.’s second legal challenge this year to Trump administration efforts to reduce its already minimal U.S. market presence.
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Google Patches Critical DoS Flaw in Android 10

One of the vulnerabilities Google addressed in Android with the December 2019 set of monthly patches is a critical vulnerability that could result in a permanent denial of service.Patches for more than 40 vulnerabilities were included in this month’s Android security updates, including 17 as part of the 2019-12-01 security patch level, and 27 more in the 201
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Google: 80% of Android Apps Encrypt Traffic by Default

Google has shared some data on the adoption of Transport Layer Security (TLS) by Android applications and it seems that significant progress has been made over the past two years.According to Google, 80% of Android apps now encrypt traffic by default and the percentage is even higher in the case of applications designed for the latest versions of the operati
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5G technology predictions 2020

Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2019. Advanced threat predictions for 2020 Cybersecurity of connected healthcare 2020: Overview and predictions Corporate security prediction 2020 Cyberthreats to financial institutions 2020: Overview and predictions It is estimated that data will reach 175 zettabytes worldwide by 2025, up from 1.2 zettabytes in 2010, when 4G wa
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'StrandHogg' Vulnerability Exploited by Malicious Android Apps

Norwegian app security company Promon on Monday disclosed the existence of a vulnerability that has been exploited by tens of malicious Android apps, and warned that hundreds of popular applications are at risk of being targeted.Promon has dubbed the flaw StrandHogg, which is an old Norse term describing a Viking tactic that involved raiding coastal areas to
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Twitter, Facebook User Data Improperly Accessed via Malicious SDKs

Twitter and Facebook this week took action against malicious mobile software development kits (SDKs) that were used to improperly access user data.Both companies have confirmed that, upon receiving reports of the malicious tools, they conducted their own investigations and concluded that the SDKs were indeed malicious. Users who downloaded and installed appl
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Is Cell Phone Radiation What You Should Be Worried About?

An issue that is brought up time and time again is how cell phones affect the human body. From concerns about when kids should get smartphones to concerns about the impact of too much screen time to claims that cell phones are linked to cancer found in the body, there are many concerns about these devices. The truth is that while their impact is being studie
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Many Apps Impacted by GIF Processing Flaw Patched Recently in WhatsApp

Trend Micro security researchers have discovered thousands of Android applications impacted by the GIF processing vulnerability that was patched recently in WhatsApp.Tracked as CVE-2019-11932, the security flaw exists in the open source library named libpl_droidsonroids_gif.so, which is part of the android-gif-drawable package and is used by numerous Android
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New 'Ginp' Android Trojan Targets Credentials, Payment Card Data

A recently discovered Android banking Trojan that features a narrow target list and two-step overlays is capable of stealing both login credentials and credit card data, ThreatFabric reports.Dubbed Ginp and identified in October, the malware has been around since June and has seen five major updates since, with the latest bringing pieces of code copied from
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US Regulators Bar Govt Telecom Funds for Huawei, ZTE

U.S. communications regulators have cut off government funding for equipment from two Chinese companies, citing security threats.The Federal Communications Commission also proposed requiring companies that get government subsidies to rip out any equipment from Huawei and ZTE that they already have in place.It’s the latest action by the U.S. government agains
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5G security and privacy for smart cities

The 5G telecommunications revolution is imminent. It is the next generation of cellular network, making use of the existing 4G LTE in addition to opening up the millimeter wave band. 5G will be able to welcome more network-connected devices and increase speeds considerably for users. It will serve as the foundation for advanced services, including: 8k strea
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Android bug puts your device’s camera at risk

Update your Android OS because hackers might be accessing your camera and photos A camera security threat for Android devices might have affected hundreds of millions of smartphone and tablet users. The chilling revelation made by researchers exposed a system vulnerability in Android devices that was allowing unauthorized remote use and access to the device’
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Google Offering Up to $1.5 Million for Pixel Titan M Exploits

Google on Thursday announced that it’s expanding its Android bug bounty program, and certain types of exploits can now earn researchers up to $1.5 millionAccording to Google, it has paid out over $4 million for more than 1,800 vulnerability reports received since the launch of its Android Security Rewards program in 2015. In the past year, payouts totaled ov
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