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Hacker claims to have stolen 39 million Aptoide app store users

Hacker claims to have breached the Aptoide app store users early this month and now leaked 20 million records out of 39 million Aptoide user records. A hacker has leaked this week details of 20 million users of the Aptoide app store, the claims to have breached the store early this months and to be in possession of 39 million Aptoids user records. The
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Researcher spotted flaws in the web-based version of popular Sarahah app

A security researcher discovered a number of embarrassing vulnerabilities in the popular anonymous feedback app Sarahah. The anonymous feedback app Sarahah makes the headlines once again, according to the according to security researcher Scott Helme, the web-based version of the app is plagued with security flaws. Sarahah mobile app allows users to receive a
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Chinese researchers from Tencent hacked a Tesla model once again

A team of security researchers from Chinese firm Tencent has once again demonstrated how to remotely hack a Tesla Model vehicle. Security researchers from Chinese firm Tencent have once again demonstrated how to remotely hack a Tesla Model vehicle. Once the experts reported the flaws to the car makers it promptly patched them. In a video PoC of the attack,
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How to steal a Tesla car by hacking the mobile app

A group of researchers from the security firm Promon has demonstrated how cyber criminals could take control of the Tesla Car and steal it. A group of security experts from security firm Promon has demonstrated how to exploit the Tesla app (for both Android and iOS) to locate, unlock and steal a Tesla Model S. The hackers used a laptop to remotely control th
Publish At:2016-11-25 09:00 | Read:5642 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking mobile app Tesla car

WiFox mobile app shows names and passwords for Wi-Fi airports networks worldwide

The WiFox mobile app was designed as a huge container of network names and passwords for Wi-Fi airports networks worldwide. Do you travel a lot? Probably you have already read about WiFox, it is a legitimate Android/iOS mobile app that includes indications of thousands of airport Wi-Fi networks and their passwords. We have spoken several times about the risk
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Bank Hack – How to steal $25 Billion with a few lines of code

A security expert discovered security flaws that could let anyone to steal as much as $25 Billion from one of the biggest Indian banks. The security researcher Sathya Prakash discovered that the critical vulnerabilities reside in the mobile banking application used by the bank customers. Prakash explained that the exploitation of the flaw allowed him to stea
Publish At:2016-05-17 22:35 | Read:4569 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Security bank hack Certificate Pinning

SideStepper method allows to infect iOS devices via MDM Solutions

SideStepper is a method to install malicious apps on iOS devices by abusing the mobile device management (MDM) solutions. Security researchers from the Check Point firm have devised a method to install a malicious code on iOS devices by abusing the mobile device management (MDM) solutions used by many enterprises. The technique relies on a vulnerability dubb
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Fitbit trackers can be infected with a malware in just 10 seconds

A security expert conducted a series of tests on the Fitbit trackers discovering how they can be infected with a malware in just 10 seconds. The security researcher Axelle Apvrille revealed that infect Fitbit trackers with a malware is too easy. Axelle Apvrille has managed to infect FitBit Flex fitness tracker and uses them
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Advertising hijacking made by Invisible rogue mobile apps are wasting petabytes of data a day

Mobile Malware is growing and crooks are targeting the advertising industry to redirect users to ad pages in a sort of Advertising hijacking. Mobile Malware is growing and crooks are targeting the advertising industry with malicious codes able to redirect users to ad pages, this practice is known as Advertising hijacking. Thes
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Bogus News mobile App discovered in Hacking Team arsenal

Experts at Trend Micro have discovered a malicious Android App while they were analyzing the package of data stolen from Hacking Team. Experts at Trendmicro analyzing package of data stolen from Hacking Team systems discovered a fake news app that was designed to circumvent filtering in Google Play. The malicious app was downl
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Mobile App Data Flaw Places Users’ Information at Risk

Security researchers have discovered a flaw in the way mobile apps store data online, which is jeopardizing users’ sensitive information, including passwords, door codes, and location data.According to Reuters, a team of German researchers studied as many as ten thousand mobile applications, which included social networking, medical, and banking apps,
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How to easily hack a WhatsApp Account?

TheHackerNews has reported a simple trick that allows to hijack a WhatsApp account easily on every mobile platform by knowing the victim’s phone number. The popular mobile messaging app WhatsApp is vulnerable to hijacking exposing hundreds of Millions of users vulnerable to attack. It could be quite easy to take over a
Publish At:2015-06-05 09:10 | Read:4824 | Comments:4 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Mobile account hijacking mobile mobile

Stop!t: The Newest App To Curb Cyberbullying

Apps created by a parent has been popping up on state news now and then for the past few months. A mom from Houston who created Ignore No More, a mobile app designed to completely shut down a phone should kids choose not to answer calls or text messages from parents, may have come to mind. Or the dad from Arizona who built a company around My Job Chart, whic
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PowerSpy – How to spy on mobile users by monitoring the power supply

A group of researchers has proposed a new technique dubbed PowerSpy to track mobile users’ location by analyzing data related to the power supply. A group of researchers at Stanford University and the Israeli defense company Rafael has discovered a way to track mobile devices by analyzing the power supply. The experts have pro
Publish At:2015-02-22 05:15 | Read:5003 | Comments:0 | Tags:Hacking Mobile Security Android mobile mobile app mobile pho

Fake WhatsApp for Web offered in the wild

Cybercriminals are offering worldwide a fake WhatsApp for Web in spam campaign with the intent to serve banking malware and run other kinds of scams. Recently WhatsApp launched its web service that could be used by using Google Chrome and allows users to access all the conversations and messages from the mobile device. “
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