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How an insecure messaging app led to fall of a terrorist organization in Turkey?

MIT (Turkish Intelligence Agency) has hacked one-single server of a messaging app in Lithuania in order to identify members of an Islamic terrorist group. Within the harshness of political controversies turned up in Turkey with the recent coup attempt at July of 15th [1], it seems that a cyberwar between MIT [2] (Turkish National Intelligence Agency) and FET
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MIT designed AI2, the system that can detect 85% of Cyber Attacks

Security researchers at the MIT designed an Artificial Intelligence system called AI2 that is able to detect 85 percent of attacks. While the number of cyber attacks continues to increase it is becoming even more difficult to detect and mitigate them in order to avoid serious consequences. A group of researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificia
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Zero-Day Market Economics Favor Incentives for Defensive Tools

There’s a security truism that goes something like this: Defenders must protect all machines against all vulnerabilities, while attackers need only to find one way on to a system or network.It’s a nearly unwinnable game for those in charge of defending corporate networks and securing web-based services, one that’s tilted severely in the fav
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MIT Researchers Debut Debugger for Integer Overflows

Students from M.I.T. have devised a new and more efficient way to scour raw code for integer overflows, the troublesome programming bugs that serve as a popular exploit vector for attackers and often lead to the crashing of systems.Researchers from the school’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) last week debuted the platfo
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Увидеть незримое

Пару лет назад на Хабре проскакивало две статьи, в которых упоминался интересный алгоритм. Статьи, правда, были написаны нечитабильно. В стилистике «новости»(1, 2), но ссылка на сайт присутствовала, подробно можно было разобраться на месте (алгоритм за авторством MIT). А там была магия. Абсолютно волшебный алгоритм, позволяющий увидеть незримое. Оба авто

On artificially-bounded futures

I flew back to MIT recently for the GNU 30th Anniversary Celebration and Hackathon, thanks to a generous travel scholarship from the Free Software Foundation. All I had to do was never, ever run any proprietary javascript in my browser and something something something about firstborns. Seemed like a net win. The hackathon itself was fun. I spent most of it
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Робот оригами складывает сам себя

В течении многих лет группа исследователей из Массачусетского технологического института и Гарвадского унивеситета работает над созданием оригами роботов, которые были бы в состояние сложить себя в произвольную форму.7 августа они сообщают, что преодолели последний рубеж: робот, почти полностью сделанный из деталей, изготовленных с помощью лазерного реза
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