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NSA releases a guide to reduce location tracking risks

The United States National Security Agency (NSA) is warning of risks posed by location services for staff who work in defence or national security. The United States National Security Agency (NSA) published a new guide to warn of the risks posed by location services for staff who work in defence or national security. The guide, titled “Limiting Locatio
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Tropic Trooper’s Back: USBferry Attack Targets Air-gapped Environments

By Joey Chen (Threats Analyst) Tropic Trooper, a threat actor group that targets government, military, healthcare, transportation, and high-tech industries in Taiwan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, has been active since 2011. The group was reportedly using spear-phishing emails with weaponized attachments to exploit known vulnerabilities. Primarily motivate
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New Snowden Docs reveal the NSA spy hub Pine Gap in Australia

A news batch of documents leaked by Snowden has revealed a US facility in Australia for covertly monitoring communications and supporting drone missions A news batch of documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has revealed a United States facility located in Australia’s Northern Territory for covertly monitoring wireless communication
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President Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence

President Barack Obama has commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence for leaking confidential documents to Wikileaks in 2010. He will be released on May 17th. President Barack Obama took a historic decision, he has commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks in 2010. The news was reported by The New York Times, Man
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Japan is investigating security breach of Defence Information Infrastructure

The Japanese Government is investigating a reported security breach suffered by the High-speed Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) network. The Defence Information Infrastructure is a high-speed large-capacity communication network connecting SDF bases and camps. The Defence Information Infrastructure comprises two distinct networks, one connected to th
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‘Hack the Army’ Bug Bounty Program Announced by U.S. Military

The United States military has announced it will be launching its inaugural bug bounty program called “Hack the Army” in November 2016.Outgoing secretary of the Army Eric Fanning made the announcement in a press conference. He said the program will help the Army keep up with the latest digital threats.As quoted by WIRED:“We’re not agile eno
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Secret data on DCNS Scorpene submarines leaked online, it could be a disaster.

The Australian newspaper published over 22,000 secret documents on six DCNS Scorpene submarines that are being built in India. According to The Australian, Indian authorities is investigating a security breach that affected the French Submarine Firm DCNS, which is 35 percent owned by Thales. The investigation started after more than 22,000 pages related t
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NATO on Cyber Defence : Time Level Up

NATO on Cyber Defence – The cyberspace has become the new battlefield and an ingreasing number of threats leverages on it to target real world assets. ‘We want eight and we won’t wait!’  What could this slogan or chant be for? Maybe Quentin Tarantino was only writing about 7 Hateful people and his publisher wanted a well-rounded numbe
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Media revealed that the Russia is developing its kamikaze drones

According to the RT.com media agency the Russia is developing new kamikaze drones to use in surgical military operations. When you think about possible military uses of drones, surveillance and air strikes are the principal activities that we can imagine. According to the Russian media, the Russia is developing a kamikaze drone that could be used to hit tar
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“Restricted” NATO manual accidentally leaked to boat operators

Incredible, secret plans for NATO exercise Joint Warrior 161 were accidentally sent to Scottish fishermen and ferry operators emails. During the First World War, allied forces were able to read a lot of German radio traffic because of codebooks falling into allied hands.  Eerily reminiscent of those days, NATO forces recently ran into a similar scenario, how
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Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group, the new hacker unit

The United States Marine Corps has launched on March 25th a new hacker support unit named Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group. It is unnecessary to remind the importance of cyber capabilities in the current military environment. Government and military corps are investing to improve their cyber abilities and exploits the immense possibilities offered by t
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Canada – Military data found in hard drive at the recycling depot

A man has found a 30-gigabyte hard drive at a recycling depot in Halifax containing at least 10 GB Canadian military data. According to the Canadian CBC, a man named Pete Stevens has found a 30-gigabyte hard drive at a recycling depot in Halifax. The media support contains personal information including the names and numbers o
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Russian Army is largely investing in modern UAVs

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the Russian Army received over 1,500 modern UAVs in the last four years. Almost every government is increasing the adoption of drones within its military. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) represent a privileged option for military surveillance, reconnaissance and attack, these vehicles
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Black Hornet, the military nano drone small like an insect

The Prox Dynamics’ PD-100 Black Hornet 2 is a tiny drone having the dimension of a flying insect and a lot of advanced features. Drones are privileged instruments of surveillance, we read about vehicles equipped with IR cameras or devices to spy on mobile devices. These vehicles are used by armies, intelligence and law enforce
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DHS infosec chief: We should pull clearance of feds who fail phish test

In the wake of the Office of Personnel Management hack this year, which reportedly took advantage of a phishing attack to steal credentials used to gain access to highly sensitive personnel records, US federal agencies have been increasing their security training and employee testing around phishing. In addition to the employee awareness campaign launched by
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