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Hackers can remotely access Smiths Medical Syringe Infusion Pumps to kill patients

The US-CERT is warning of hackers can remotely access Smiths Medical Syringe Infusion Pumps to control them and kill patients. IoT devices continue to enlarge our surface of attack, and in some cases, their lack of security can put our lives in danger. Let’s thinks for example of medical devices that could be hacked by attackers with serious consequenc
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FDA recalls 465,000 pacemakers open to cyber attack

The United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is recalling 465,000 pacemakers that could be hacked by attackers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is recalling roughly half a million pacemakers because they are vulnerable to hacking, million people in the United States urge to get their pacemakers updated. In May, researchers from security firm Wh
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Insecure Medical devices are enlarging surface of attacks for organizations

A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute shows insecure Medical devices are enlarging the surface of attacks for organizations. A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, based on a survey of 550 individuals, shows that manufacturers and healthcare delivery organizations (HDO) are concerned about cyber attacks on medical devices. 67 percent of medical dev
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Medical Devices infected by WannaCry Ransomware in US hospitals

According to Forbes, the dreaded WannaCry ransomware has infected medical devices in at least two hospitals in the United States. WannaCry infected 200,000 computers across 150 countries in a matter of hours last week, it took advantage of a tool named “Eternal Blue”, originally created by the NSA, which exploited a vulnerability present inside the earlier v
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Hacker Interviews – Billy Rios

Billy Rios is one of the most skilled hackers that revealed us how is vulnerable to hacking attacks our society. Are you interested in the hacking of critical infrastructure? Are you worried about the security of medical devices? Billy Rios is one of the most skilled hackers that could provide you the answers to your questions. He conducted numerous interest
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That time a patient’s heart procedure was interrupted by a virus scan

A heart patient undergoing a medical procedure earlier this year was put at risk when misconfigured antivirus software caused a crucial lab device to hang and require a reboot before doctors could continue.The incident, described in an alert issued by the Food and Drug Administration, highlights the darker side of using computers and computer networks in mis
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Securing Hospitals from hackers that can put lives in dangers

Securing Hospitals is a report issued by Independent Security Evaluators that demonstrates how hackers can hack hospitals putting lives in danger. A group of experts from the Independent Security Evaluators research team have tested the security of hospital networks, demonstrating how it is possible to gain access to critical medical equipment in attacks the
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Researcher hacks medical devices and the whole hospital with ease

Sergey Lozhkin, a security expert at Kaspersky Lab demonstratd how it is easy for hackers to compromise medical devices and critical healthcare infrastructure. The ascent in the Internet of Things (IoT) has left gadgets more associated, yet much of the time more vulnerable, than at any other time. From auto hacking to digital assaults against the vitality ar
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Are Artificial Pancreas vulnerable to cyber attacks?

A team of researchers explains that million of lives potentially depends on the resilience to cyber attacks of a new generation of “artificial pancreas.” Medical devices are open to cyber attacks, many studies have demonstrated that a large number of medical systems could be affected by security flaws that could be
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Hacking Drug Infusion Pumps, never so easy

Certain versions of common drug infusion pumps are affected by numerous remotely exploitable vulnerabilities that could not open the doors to hackers. We discussed several times about the opportunity to hack medical devices and the needs of security by design for these objects. In 2012 the US Government Accountability Office (
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US hospitals will use AC power probes to remove malware from medical devices

WattsUpDoc is a platform developed by two researchers for the monitoring of medical devices and detection of potentially “life-threatening malware.” Two US Hospitals will start using a system that can detect malware infections of medical devices, the technique relies on a probe that monitors the AC power consumptio
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US ICS-CERT testing medical devices for alleged flaws

The US Government is working with manufacturers and vendors of medical devices and equipment to identify and fix vulnerabilities. Every day we read about more or less sophisticated attacks against any kind of computing systems that allows threat actors to compromise targeted devices. What do you think if your life depends on t
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The state of healthcare IT security: are Americans concerned enough?

With the health records of most Americans now stored, in whole or in part, on computers, it seems timely to ask how people feel about that. Are they happy with this aspect of healthcare evolution? Are they concerned? Do they have reasons to be concerned? This article examines these questions and supplies some numbers that may provide answers. Cause for conce
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Connected Medical Devices Simultaneously Increase Risk and Safety

LAS VEGAS – A few years ago the media was inundated with reports that former Vice President Dick Cheney had his pacemaker removed and replaced with a custom, presumably less connected one. The assumed reason for that procedure was to minimize the risk Cheney is exposed to in a world where it is increasingly clear that embedded medical devices can be hacked t
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