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UK Government links the WannaCry attack that crippled NHS to North Korea

UK Government blamed North Korea for the WannaCry¬†attack that affected a third of English hospitals. “This attack, we believe quite strongly that it came from a foreign state,” Ben Wallace, a junior minister for security, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “North Korea was the state that we believe was involved in this worldwide atta
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Hospitals Falling Victim to Old Malware

Security experts confirm that a growing number of cyber-attacks continue to hit hospitals threatening unpatched medical devices. In late 2015, MaineGeneral Health, a new state of the art hospital located in Augusta, Maine, reported that it had fallen victim to a cyberattack that leaked the names, addresses, and phone numbers for patients of its radiology ser
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Healthcare – Breaching a medical training mannequin raises new cyber security concerns

Cyber attacks against healthcare systems are likely to increase and students investigated the feasibility of breaching a medical training mannequin. Let me start with the scene from a popular TV series titled Homeland, it is a pacemaker hack. Security experts are warning the medical industry about the hacking of any medical e
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