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Protecting Against Bad Chemistry (with Cybersecurity)

Do you recall one of the first really fun chemistry experiment you performed as a child?  If your school followed the usual curriculum, then you probably made a model volcano and then added some baking soda to the opening, followed by the addition of vinegar.  A variation of this experiment was to add the ingredients to a plastic bottle, then stret
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How Can OEMs Reduce Their Risk of Cyberattacks?

Many modern businesses in almost every sector of the economy are adopting the latest technologies for greater connectivity and efficiency. However, while many of these technologies offer myriad benefits, they can also create new cybersecurity vulnerabilities.While much of the focus has remained on manufacturers and how they can bolster their cybersecurity ef
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Survey: Nearly Half of Manufacturers Suffered a Digital Attack in the Last Year

Confidence isn’t new when it comes to cybersecurity. All the way back in 2015, for example, 86% of security professionals working in the energy sector told Tripwire that they were confident they could detect a breach in a week. Just less than half (49%) said it wouldn’t take them longer than a day to spot an attack.It was the same story a year later when Tri
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Hacked 3D printers could commit industrial sabotage

3D printers can churn out toys, clothing and even food. But the technology also shows potential for use in industrial sabotage, researchers warn.Imagine a car maker using 3D printers to manufacture components, only to have the parts contain defects that are undetectable until it’s too late.A hacker with access to the 3D printers could make that h
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Digital manufacturing could eliminate warehouses, create on-demand production

ORLANDO, Fla. -- As manufacturing industries go digital, products that were once generated via a set of build plans are now created in digital files that can be exported anywhere in the world.When 3D printing is added to that equation, products are no longer produced in anticipation of orders, but on demand, as needed.There are, however, existing cultura
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