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'Attor' Cyber-Espionage Platform Used in Attacks Aimed at Russia

A recently uncovered highly targeted cyber-espionage platform that uses Tor for network communication has remained under the radar for at least six years, ESET reports.Referred to as Attor, due to the use of a GSM plugin that leverages the AT command protocol and the use of the Tor network, the espionage operation only hit a few dozen victims during the peri
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Magecart Attack on eCommerce Platform Hits Thousands of Online Shops

Magecart hackers have been gathering sensitive information from thousands of online shops after compromising top ecommerce platform and service provider Volusion.Over the past month, starting September 7, the hackers’ online credit card skimmers were active on 3,126 online shops hosted on Volusion, Trend Micro’s security researchers report.One of the website
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Hospitals Resume Accepting Patients After Malware Attack

An Alabama hospital chain that quit accepting new patients after a malware attack crippled computer systems said it has resumed normal operations after paying a ransom demand.The DCH Health System said its hospitals in the west Alabama cities of Tuscaloosa, Northport and Fayette resumed admitting patients Thursday, and its imaging and patient scheduling serv
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iTunes Zero-Day Vulnerability Exploited by BitPaymer Ransomware

The BitPaymer ransomware operators were observed abusing a zero-day vulnerability in Apple’s iTunes for Windows to run code and evade detection, Morphisec’s security researchers have discovered.The security flaw resides in the Bonjour updater that comes packaged with iTunes for Windows and allows attackers to abuse an unquoted path to not only evade detectio
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Ransomware Attacks 'Getting Bolder': Europol

Global ransomware attacks are on the decline, but such malicious cyber strikes are getting bolder and homing in on more profitable companies, with data encryption a key target, Europe's police agency said Wednesday.Europol said it was also concerned by the rise of so-called "self-generated explicit material" produced by underaged children who then share sexu
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Cyber insurance: here to stay, whether we like it or not

Cyber insurance has been a big talking point in infosec circles for many months now. We’ve mentioned it in passing ourselves a few times, usually in relation to ransomware attacks. This isn’t surprising; ransomware may not be the threat that brought cyber insurance to life, but it absolutely helped to supercharge it. Depending on where in the world you resid
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FIN6 Compromised E-commerce Platform via Magecart to Inject Credit Card Skimmers Into Thousands of Online Shops

We discovered that the online credit card skimming attack known as Magecart or E-Skimming was actively operating on 3,126 online shops. Our data shows that the attack started on September 7, 2019. All of the impacted online shops are hosted on the cloud platform of the e-commerce service provider “Volusion,” one of the top e-commerce platforms in the market.
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Ransomware hits several Spanish city halls

Ransomware is back. Well, in fact, it never went away. However, what is true that from time to time we see more aggressive campaigns with a wider impact, or attacks that are more striking or more flashy. The list of institutions affected by this kind of malware this year keeps growing. In May, the city of Baltimore was attacked with a strand of ransomware ca
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Managed Detection and Response analytics report, H1 2019

 Download full report (PDF) Introduction This report contains the results of the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service (brand name – Kaspersky Managed Protection). The MDR service provides managed threat hunting and initial incident response. Threat hunting is the practice of iteratively searching through data collected from sensors (refere
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Magecart Group Tied to Cobalt Hackers

Security researchers were able to link one of the hacking groups operating under the Magecart umbrella to the infamous threat actor known as the Cobalt Group.Magecart hackers made it into the spotlight last year, after the high-profile breaches at Ticketmaster, British Airways, and Newegg, but they have been active for at least a decade, RiskIQ says.There ar
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New Campaign Targets Drupalgeddon2 Flaw to Install Malware

Hackers continue to target the Drupal vulnerability named Drupalgeddon2 to install malware onto unpatched systems, Akamai’s security researchers have discovered.Tracked as CVE-2018-7600, the security flaw impacts Drupal versions 6, 7 and 8. The bug was addressed in March 2018, with the first attacks targeting it spotted only several weeks later, attempting t
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Is Your Browser Haunted With Ghostcat Malware?

October is finally among us, and things are spookier than usual. One ghost causing some hocus pocus across the World Wide Web is Ghostcat-3PC, a browser-hijacking malware that has launched at least 18 different malvertising campaigns in the last three months. According to SC Magazine, Ghostcat’s goal is to hijack users’ mobile browsing sessions and is specif
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Adwind Malware Used in Attacks Against U.S. Petroleum Firms

Attackers using the Adwind remote access Trojan (RAT) are targeting petroleum firms in the United States in a recent campaign, researchers from Netskope report.Samples observed in the attacks are relatively new, but the functionality of the RAT has remained consistent with previously detailed campaigns. The malware does attempt to evade detection by means of
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MasterMana Campaign Combines Stealth, Free Services and Old Malware

An ongoing cybercrime campaign that started as early as December 2018, has avoided widespread detection through a combination of stealth tactics and hiding in plain sight. Called MasterMana, the threat is sufficiently sophisticated to avoid automatic detections during infection, but not so sophisticated that it attracts the eye of the APT threat hu
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Ransomware Hits Hundreds of US Schools, Local Governments: Study

Hundreds of US municipalities, schools and health organizations have been hit by ransomware in 2019, leading to massive service disruptions, researchers said Tuesday.The security firm Emsisoft said at least 621 government entities, healthcare providers and school districts, colleges and universities were affected by ransomware in the first nine months of 201
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