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Bumblebee attacks, from initial access to the compromise of Active Directory Services

Threat actors are using the Bumblebee loader to compromise Active Directory services as part of post-exploitation activities. The Cybereason Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) Team analyzed a cyberattack that involved the Bumblebee Loader and detailed how the attackers were able to compromise the entire network. Most Bumblebee infe
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TXOne Networks Scores $70M Series B Investment

TXOne Networks, a joint venture between cybersecurity firm Trend Micro and industrial networking solutions provider Moxa, has banked $70 million in new venture capital funding.The company, which maintains dual headquarters in Texas and Taiwan, said the Series B round was led by TGVest Capital and brings the total raised to $94 million.TXOne Networks was crea
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BlackByte ransomware v2 is out with new extortion novelties

A new version of the BlackByte ransomware appeared in the threat landscape, version 2.0 uses extortion techniques similar to LockBit ones. BlackByte ransomware Version 2.0 appeared in the threat landscape after a short break, the latest version has a new data leak site. It is interesting to note that the group introduced some novelties in the extortion
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From Ramnit To Bumblebee (via NeverQuest): Similarities and Code Overlap Shed Light On Relationships Between Malware Dev

A comparative analysis performed by IBM Security X-Force uncovered evidence that suggests Bumblebee malware, which first appeared in the wild last year, was likely developed directly from source code associated with the Ramnit banking trojan. This newly discovered connection is particularly interesting as campaign activity has so far linked Bumblebee to aff
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North Korean Hackers Use Fake Job Offers to Deliver New macOS Malware

Researchers with cybersecurity company ESET have observed a new macOS malware sample developed by the infamous North Korean advanced persistent threat (APT) actor Lazarus.Believed to be backed by the North Korean government, Lazarus has been active since at least 2009, orchestrating various high-profile attacks, including numerous assaults on cryptocurrency
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Russian Man Extradited to US for Laundering Ryuk Ransomware Money

A Russian national has been extradited from the Netherlands to the United States, where he faces charges related to his alleged role in the Ryuk ransomware operation.The suspect is 29-year-old Denis Mihaqlovic Dubnikov, whose trial is scheduled to begin on October 4.According to authorities, cybercriminals who had been using the Ryuk ransomware to extort mon
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Apple Patches New macOS, iOS Zero-Days

Apple on Wednesday rolled out emergency patches for a pair of already exploited zero-day vulnerabilities in its flagship macOS and iOS platforms.Apple confirmed in-the-wild exploitation of the vulnerabilities in separate advisories warning about code execution flaws in fully patched iPhone, iPad and macOS devices.Barebones details from Apple’s advisories:CVE
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Bugdrop dropper includes features to circumvent Google’s security Controls

Researchers have discovered a previously undocumented Android dropper, dubbed BugDrop, that’s still under development. Recently, researchers from ThreatFabric discovered a previously undetected Android dropper, dubbed BugDrop, which is under active development and was designed to bypass security features that will be implemented in the next release
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81% of Malware Seen on USB Drives in Industrial Facilities Can Disrupt ICS: Honeywell

A significant percentage of the malware seen last year on USB drives used in industrial facilities was capable of targeting and disrupting industrial control systems (ICS), according to a report published this week by Honeywell.The industrial giant has published its fourth annual report focusing on the malware found by one of its dedicated security products
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Vulnerability Broker Applies Pressure on Software Vendors Shipping Faulty, Incomplete Patches

Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative, a major player in the vulnerability disclosure ecosystem, is ramping up the pressure on software vendors that consistently ship faulty security patches.In a major revision of its disclosure policies, the vulnerability broker said it will set strict 30-day deadlines for critical-level bug reports that result from faulty or i
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North Korea-linked APT targets Job Seekers with macOS malware

The North Korea-linked Lazarus Group has been observed targeting job seekers with macOS malware working also on Intel and M1 chipsets. ESET researchers continue to monitor a cyberespionage campaign, tracked as “Operation In(ter)ception,” that has been active at least since June 2020. The campaign targets employees working in the aerospace and
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Clop gang targeted UK drinking water supplier South Staffordshire Water

A cyber attack disrupted the IT operations of South Staffordshire Water, a company supplying drinking water to 1.6M consumers daily. South Staffordshire Water has issued a statement confirming the security breach, the company pointed out that the attack did not impact the safety and water distribution systems. South Staffordshire Water plc known as Sou
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Two more malicious Python packages in the PyPI

On August 8, CheckPoint published a report on ten malicious Python packages in the Python Package Index (PyPI), the most popular Python repository among software developers. The malicious packages were intended to steal developers’ personal data and credentials. Following this research, we used our internal automated system for monitoring open-source r
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Russia-linked Gamaredon APT continues to target Ukraine

Russia-linked Gamaredon APT group targets Ukrainian entities with PowerShell info-stealer malware dubbed GammaLoad. Russia-linked Gamaredon APT group (aka Shuckworm, Actinium, Armageddon, Primitive Bear, and Trident Ursa) targets Ukrainian entities with PowerShell info-stealer malware dubbed GammaLoad, Symantec warns. The Computer Emergency Respon
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Microsoft Announces Disruption of Russian Espionage APT

Microsoft on Monday announced another major disruption of an APT actor believed to be linked to the Russian government, cutting off access to accounts used for pre-attack reconnaissance, phishing, and email harvesting.The threat actor, identified by Microsoft as SEABORGIUM, has been documented since at least 2017 actively conducting cyberespionage attacks ag
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