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LemonDuck no longer settles for breadcrumbs

LemonDuck has evolved from a Monero cryptominer into LemonCat, a Trojan that specializes in backdoor installation, credential and data theft, and malware delivery, according to the Microsoft 365 Defender Threat Intelligence Team, which explained their findings in a two-part story [1][2] on the Microsoft Security blog. LemonDuck Trojan.LemonDuck has al
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A week in security (July 5 – July 11)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: Racing against a real-life ransomware attack. Podcast with Ski Kacoroski.Kaseya CEO: “The impact of this incredibly sophisticated attack is very minimal”Patch now! Emergency fix for PrintNightmare released by Microsoft.Game over: Apex Legends players locked out by protest message.3 things the Kaseya attack can teach us abou
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Kaseya warns customers of ongoing malspam campaign posing as security updates

Threat actors are conducting a spam campaign aimed at infecting Kaseya customers, posing as legitimate VSA security updates Kaseya is warning customers of threat actors attempting to exploit the recent massive supply chain ransomware attack suffered by the company. The software provider is warning of an ongoing malspam campaign aimed at delivering malware
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Hackers use a new technique in malspam attacks to disable Macro security warnings in weaponized docs

Threat actors have devised a new trick to disable macro security warning that leverage non-malicious docs in malspam attacks. Most of the malspam campaigns leverage weaponized Microsoft Office documents and social engineering techniques to trick recipients into enabling the macros. Now experts from McAfee Labs warn of a novel technique used by threat a
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Malspam banks on Kaseya ransomware attack

The Malwarebytes Threat Intelligence Team recently found a malicious spam campaign making the rounds and banking on the ransomware attack that forced Kaseya to shut down its VSA service. This is a classic example of an opportunistic attack conducted by (potentially) another threat actor/group off the back of another threat actor/group’s attack. With
Publish At:2021-07-08 16:09 | Read:382 | Comments:0 | Tags:Social engineering cobalt strike dridex information stealer

Malspam campaign uses icon files to delivers NanoCore RAT

Researchers at Trustwave spotted a new malspam campaign that is abusing icon files to trick victims into installing the NanoCore Trojan.  Researchers at Trustwave have spoted a new malspam campaign that is abusing icon files to trick victims into executing the NanoCore remote access Trojan.  The emails use a .zipx file attachment, a .zip
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Fake Trump sex video used to spread QNode RAT

Researchers uncovered a malspam campaign that spreads the QNode remote access Trojan (RAT) using fake Trump’s sex scandal video as bait. Security experts from Trustwave uncovered a malspam campaign that is delivering the QNode remote access Trojan (RAT) using fake Trump’s sex scandal video as bait. The spam messages use the subject “GOOD LO
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The most enticing cyberattacks of 2020

In 2020, we experienced a major shift. Much of the world pitched in to limit the spread of the coronavirus, with people changing their daily routines to include a mixture of working from home, standing in socially-distanced lines, and awaiting local rules about what they could and could not do with members of different households. It was a stressful and c
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QBot Trojan delivered via malspam campaign exploiting US election uncertainties

This blog post was authored by Jérôme Segura and Hossein Jazi. The 2020 US elections have been the subject of intense scrutiny and emotions, while happening in the middle of a global pandemic. As election night ended and uncertainty regarding the results began to creep in, threat actors decided to jump in on it too. Those tracking the threat landscape
Publish At:2020-11-04 18:23 | Read:1159 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cybercrime Social engineering elections malspam Pinkslipbot

Malspam campaign caught using GuLoader after service relaunch

They say any publicity is good publicity. But perhaps this isn’t true for CloudEye, an Italian firm that claims to provide “the next generation of Windows executables’ protection”. First described by Proofpoint security researchers in March 2020, GuLoader is a downloader used by threat actors to distribute malware on a large scale.
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Silent Night Zeus botnet available for sale in underground forums

Experts reported the existence of a botnet, tracked as Silent Night based on the Zeus banking Trojan that is available for sale in several underground forums. This week researchers from Malwarebytes and HYAS published a report that included technical details on a recently discovered botnet, tracked as Silent Night, being distributed via the RIG exploit ki
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Trickbot is the most prolific malware operation using COVID-19 themed lures

TrickBot is the malware that most of all is involved in COVID-19-themed attacks, Microsoft’s Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) data reveals. The analysis of Microsoft Office 365 ATP data revealed that TrickBot is, at the moment, the malware operation with the highest number of unique COVID-19-themed malicious emails and attachments.
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Coronavirus-themed attack: Experts uncovered flight refund scam

Experts at email security firm Mimecast has uncovered a flight refund scam that attempts to exploit the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Researchers at email security firm Mimecast have uncovered a new flight refund scam that attempts to exploit the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. The campaign is simple as effective, scammers attempt to target individuals t
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Less than 2% of all daily malspam are Coronavirus-themed attacks, Microsoft reports

Microsoft shares new threat intelligence, the IT giant pointed out that malspam activities have not increased due to Coronavirus outbreak. In recent weeks, security firms and experts reported numerous Coronavirus-themed attacks, now Microsoft shares new threat intelligence on malicious activities during the pandemic. Despite threat actors are exploitin
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LimeRAT malware delivered using 8-year-old VelvetSweatshop trick

Researchers spotted a campaign using Excel files to spread LimeRAT malware using the 8-year-old and well-known VelvetSweatshop bug. Researchers at the Mimecast Threat Center spotted a new campaign using Excel files to spread LimeRAT malware using the 8-year-old VelvetSweatshop bug. LimeRAT is a powerful Remote Administration Tool publicly available as
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