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A Cybersecurity Proof: The Application is the Endpoint

Vulnerable applications and browsers are the persistent data breach entry points—it’s not about the files Isolation is the only solution that can absolutely eliminate kernel-level exploits and malware escapes It’s time to rethink information security defense around fewer, smarter, yet more effective layers You have many more endpoints than you think. How m
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Signatures Not the Root of Prevention

Faulty file definitions strike once again! On April 24, anti-virus provider Webroot issued an automated update to its signature definitions. This inadvertently quarantined hundreds of critical customer files and applications that it erroneously flagged as malicious. At one time or another, it seems that every anti-malware endpoint security provider has fal
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Stop the Most Advanced Adversaries

Imagine that you are operating on an old XP, Win98 or Windows Server 2003 system. The system is out-of-support and vulnerable to a raft of possible exploits.However, it would be too disruptive to operations to update these systems since they’re running critical applications and processes. And even if you do upgrade to the latest versions, the list of new exp
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Ransom32 – look at the malicious package

Ransom32 is a new ransomware implemented in a very atypical style. Emisoft provides a good description of its functionality here. In our post, we will focus on some implementation details of the malicious package. Analyzed sample:  09f21eefaf8f52496d4e8b06920fe6fa Overview Ransom32 is delivered as an executable, that is in reality a autoextracting WinRAR ar
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We analyze Cryptobot, aka Paycrypt

Recently during some research on encrypting ransomware we came across a new variant that brings some new features to the table. It will encrypt by utilizing the following javascript from being opened as an attachment from email (posing as some document file). Malicious script from email   Once full encrypted you’ll get a popup text document inform
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