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Zeus Sphinx Trojan Awakens Amidst Coronavirus Spam Frenzy

The recent months have created a new reality in the world as the novel Coronavirus pandemic spread from country to country raising concerns among people everywhere. With spammers and malware distributors already being accustomed to riding trending news, the COVID-19 theme has been exploited thoroughly by a large variety of spam and malspam campaigns. It appe
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What’s Old Is New, What’s New Is Old: Aged Vulnerabilities Still in Use in Attacks Today

As reported in the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2020, X-Force research teams operate a network of globally distributed spam honeypots, collecting and analyzing billions of unsolicited email items every year. Analysis of data from our spam traps reveals trending tactics that attackers are utilizing in malicious emails, specifically, that threat actor
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Emotet malspam campaign uses Snowden’s new book as lure

Exactly one week ago, Emotet, one of the most dangerous threats to organizations in the last year, resumed its malicious spam campaigns after several months of inactivity. Based on our telemetry, we can see that the botnet started becoming chatty with its command and control servers (C2), about a week or so before the spam came through. Figure 1: Communic
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Gaza Cybergang – updated activity in 2017:

1. Summary information The Gaza cybergang is an Arabic-language, politically-motivated cybercriminal group, operating since 2012 and actively targeting the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. The Gaza cybergang’s attacks have never slowed down and its typical targets include government entities/embassies, oil and gas, media/press, activists, politi
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URSNIF spam campaign expose new macro evasion tactics

Trend Micro recently observed a new campaign leveraging the Ursnif banking Trojan using new malicious macro tactics payload delivery and evade detection. Researchers at Trend Micro have recently spotted a new campaign leveraging the Ursnif banking Trojan featuring new malicious macro tactics for payload delivery. Malicious macros are widely adopted by crook
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Zero-Day Malware Poses a Growing Threat

For much of the general public, including the enterprise world, security protection is synonymous with antivirus software. Security professionals, by contrast, have long understood that this applied to only one layer of protection and was by no means the most crucial. Indeed, the security community looks first to other defenses, such as keeping software secu
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KopiLuwak: A New JavaScript Payload from Turla

On 28 January 2017, John Lambert of Microsoft (@JohnLaTwC) tweeted about a malicious document that dropped a “very interesting .JS backdoor“. Since the end of November 2016, Kaspersky Lab has observed Turla using this new JavaScript payload and specific macro variant. This is a technique we’ve observed before with Turla’s ICEDCOFFEE p
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Are You Hiring? GoldenEye Ransomware Wants to Meet Your HR Department

GoldenEye ransomware wants to interview with your company’s HR department, but it’s not interested in filling an open position.For this new campaign, GoldenEye has assumed a job application theme to target German speakers in companies’ HR departments. The authors of the ransomware, which is an updated form of Petya, know it’s part of
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Two versions of the new Cerber 5.0 ransomware released in a few days

Security experts from the CheckPoint firm discovered two different variants of the new Cerber 5.0 ransomware in a few weeks. Security experts have spotted a new variant of the dreaded Cerber ransomware, the Cerber 5.0. This is the third version of the malware released this week that is able to encrypt files on all accessible network shares. The Cerber ransom
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Microsoft Office 365 targeted with massive Cerber ransomware 0-day campaign

Cloud security provider Avanan discovered a number of Cerber Ransomware variants targeting corporate Office 365 users with malicious emails. Cloud security provider Avanan spotted a number of Cerber Ransomware variants that are targeting corporate Office 365 users with spam or phishing emails leveraging on malicious file attachments. Threat actors sent an Of
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Microsoft warns of malicious macros using a new sneaky trick

Researchers at the Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center are warning of a new wave of attacks leveraging malicious macros using a new sneaky trick. Researchers at Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center are warning of a new technique attackers are using to allow macro malware elude detection solutions. The experts first spotted the technique while analyzing a
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Locky: the encryptor taking the world by storm

In February 2016, the Internet was shaken by an epidemic caused by the new ransomware Trojan Locky (detected by Kaspersky Lab products as Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Locky). The Trojan has been actively propagating up to the present day. Kaspersky Lab products have reported attempts to infect users with the Trojan in 114 countries around the world. Analysis of the s
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It’s 2016, so why is the world still falling for Office macro malware?

In the late 1990s, Microsoft Office macros were a favorite vehicle for surreptitiously installing malware on the computers of unsuspecting targets. Microsoft eventually disabled the automated scripts by default, a setting that forced attackers to look for new infection methods. Remotely exploiting security bugs in Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash, and other wi
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VBE files on the rise in Brazil leading to Financial Fraud

Security experts at Kaspersky Lab recently observed a big wave of malicious VBE files targeting Brazilian users to distribute Financial Trojan. Recently security experts have seen old tricks rising from the dead (like for example word/excel macros attachment in e-mails) and malicious VBE files are being spread via email target
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Don't Feel Left Out: Ransomware for IT Security Enthusiasts!

Macros are so hot right now It's getting dark outside and our favorite mail client beeps with excitement for a new missive in our inbox, something interesting perhaps? A rapid glimpse at the contents of the message should indicate that a malicious campaign will play the starring role in what follows. An included attachment reveals itself as a malicious
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