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The strangest cybersecurity events of 2020: a look back

This year is finally coming to an end, and it only took us about eight consecutive months of March to get here. There is a ton to talk about, and that’s without even discussing the literal global pandemic. You see, 2020’s news stories were the pressure-cooker product of mania, chaos, and the downright absurd. “Murder hornets” made the journey to the
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Manage and Secure Notifications on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

In general, our computing devices are passive. They perform tasks for us when we click buttons or enter some text, but otherwise they just wait for our commands. With the rise of mobile devices, "push" notifications became a way for our devices to alert us when certain things happen. We can get notified when we get text messages, phone calls, or em
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Apple security hampers detection of unwanted programs

Anyone who uses Malwarebytes software is probably familiar with the fact that, in addition to things like malware and adware, Malwarebytes detects potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). These are programs that exhibit a variety of unsavory behaviors, but that, for legal reasons, cannot be called malware. PUP (n): a program that may include advertising, to
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Understanding User Accounts in macOS

Everyone who uses a Mac has a user account. If you’re the only person using your Mac, then there will only be one account. But if you share your Mac with other users — your family or coworkers, for example — your Mac will contain multiple user accounts. At least one of these is an administrator account, and that account is allowed to change any setting
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HP printer issue on Mac: What happened?

Apple holds the keys to nearly all recent Mac software. This is a story of those keys, and how a Hewlett Packard (HP) error caused problems for a lot of people. Code signing and certificates First, it’s important to understand that when I say “keys,” what I really mean is “certificates.” These certificates are similar to t
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GravityRAT malware also targets Android and macOS

Researchers spotted new variants of the Windows GravityRAT spyware that now can also infect Android and macOS devices. Researchers from Kaspersky Lab have spotted new variants of the GravityRAT malware that now can be also used to infect Android and macOS devices. GravityRAT is a malware strain known for checking the CPU temperature of Windows computer
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Apple’s notarization process fails to protect

In macOS Mojave, Apple introduced the concept of notarization, a process that developers can go through to ensure that their software is malware-free (and must go through for their software to run on macOS Catalina). This is meant to be another layer in Apple’s protection against malware. Unfortunately, it’s starting to look like notarization may
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Updates on ThiefQuest, the Quickly-Evolving macOS Malware

By Steven Du, Gabrielle Mabutas, and Luis Magisa Right as July of this year began, we noticed an emerging malware dubbed by most as ThiefQuest (also known as EvilQuest), a threat that targets macOS devices, encrypts files, and installs keyloggers in affected systems.  It has been found in pirated versions of macOS shared on popular torrent sites. Development
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Apple’s latest updates are out for iPhones and Macs – get them now!

byPaul DucklinWhen it comes to updates, Apple doesn’t do “predictable”.Other organisations such as Microsoft, Mozilla and Adobe are well-known for publishing updates not only frequently but also regularly.Indeed, with those companies, you don’t just get updates at least once a month (or once every four weeks for Mozilla), but the pre-
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Power up the date and time in the macOS menu bar

If you’re an organized type, having the time and date at hand is a must. But rather than relying on a watch or desk calendar, you can of course use your Mac. There are ways to get this information built into macOS, but there are also third-party apps that can augment or entirely replace the default Apple experience.The macOS Date & Time paneTo adjust the
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Mac ThiefQuest malware may not be ransomware after all

Editor’s note: The original name for the malware, EvilQuest, has been changed due to a legitimate game of the same name from 2012. The new name, ThiefQuest, is also more fitting for our updated understanding of the malware. The ThiefQuest malware, which was discovered last week, may not actually be ransomware according to new findings. The behaviors
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Apple’s New Plans for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac Unveiled at WWDC 2020

It was a different type of presentation at this year’s WWDC. Gone was the venue packed with thousands of developers and journalists, cheering at the announcements of new features, now relegated to memories for this year because of the coronavirus. Instead, Apple presented a very fast-paced pre-recorded keynote outlining where the company is going with
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Managing Battery Life on Macs and iOS Devices

Batteries are essential to our portable devices. For many of us, in our everyday use of Macs and iOS devices, we don’t have to worry too much about this. Modern iPhones and iPads provide a full day‘s battery life, and if you use a portable Mac, you can probably get through the day unless you are using battery-intensive apps.But sometimes you can’t. If you’re
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Reduce animations on your Mac and iOS devices

Accessibility to computing devices is often equated with physical or visual impairment. But inroads are being made to ensure that technology is accessible to a much wider range of users with assistive needs. And Apple is, and has long been, at the forefront of such efforts.Some conditions – such as hearing or motor functions – are relatively well understood.
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Hacking iPhone or MacBook devices by tricking into visiting a site

Bad news for Apple iPhone or MacBook users, attackers could hack their device’s camera by tricking them into visiting a website. The ethical hacker Ryan Pickren demonstrated that it is possible to hack Apple iPhone or MacBook users by simply tricking them into visiting a website with the Safari browser. Pickren reported seven vulnerabilities to A
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