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A Look at Locky Ransomware’s Recent Spam Activities

Ransomware has been one of the most prevalent, prolific, and pervasive threats in the 2017 threat landscape, with financial losses among enterprises and end users now likely to have reached billions of dollars. Locky ransomware, in particular, has come a long way since first emerging in early 2016. Despite the number of times it apparently spent in hiatus, L
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Locky Ransomware Pushed Alongside FakeGlobe in Upgraded Spam Campaigns

By Julie Cabuhat, Michael Casayuran, Anthony Melgarejo In the beginning of September, a sizeable spam campaign was detected distributing the latest Locky variant. Locky is a notorious ransomware that was first detected in the early months of 2016 and has continued to evolve and spread through different methods, particularly spam mail. A thorough look at samp
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Experts spotted a malware campaign using HoeflerText Popups to push RAT Malware

Experts spotted a new EITest campaign leveraging HoeflerText Popups to target Google Chrome users and push NetSupport Manager RAT or Locky ransomware Security expert Brad Duncan with both the SANS Internet Storm Center and Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42, has spotted a malware campaign leveraging bogus popups that alert users to a missing web-font. The crooks ar
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The Necurs Botnet: A Pandora’s Box of Malicious Spam

This is the tale of a cybercrime botnet operation that, within about five years of its existence, has been named one of the largest botnets in the world. It’s called the Necurs botnet. It militarizes up to 6 million zombie endpoints, delivers some of the worst banking Trojans and ransomware threats in batches of millions of emails at a time, and it kee
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Phishme observed operators behind Locky and Sage ransomware share delivery infrastructure

PhishMe security researchers discovered that the Locky and Sage ransomware were recently observed being distributed by the same delivery infrastructure. It’s a common habit of cyber criminals to share delivery infrastructure to maximize the use of their resource and minimize the cost, Recently the Locky ransomware was observed being distributed through
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Necurs botnet is back and starts delivering the Locky ransomware

Cisco Security Team has noticed traces of traffic from the dormant Necurs botnet and they are warning of a possible new massive ransomware spam campaign. Security researchers at Cisco Security Team have noticed traces of traffic from the dormant Necurs botnet and they are warning of a possible new massive ransomware spam campaign. “The research from Ta
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December 2016: The Month in Ransomware

Online extortionists closed 2016 with a spike in ransomware activity. The statistics for December were alarming: 32 new samples emerged and 33 existing strains got updated. The fact that security researchers released nine decryption tools is quite promising, but it is still a weak countervailing factor. The report below explores the ins and outs of the crypt
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Ransomware infections suffered by companies tripled in 12 months

According to a new report published by Kaspersky Lab, the number of ransomware infections suffered by companies threefold from January to September. The number of ransomware infections suffered by companies continues to increase and according to a new report published by the security firm Kaspersky Lab, it increased threefold from January to September. One i
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Spam Campaign Enlists Victims into Botnet After Delivering Locky Ransomware

It’s been a busy inaugural year for Locky. Security researchers first spotted the crypto-ransomware in February 2016. That same month, it made a name for itself when attackers used it to infect the IT systems at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. The Californian hospital ultimately decided to pay the ransom demand of 40 Bitcoins (approximately
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ImageGate attack – How to spread malware via poisoned .JPG

Security experts from Checkpoint have discovered a new malware-based campaign through Facebook leveraging an image obfuscation trick dubbed ImageGate. Security experts from Checkpoint have discovered a new malware-based campaign through Facebook. Crooks leverage an image obfuscation trick, dubbed ImageGate, to spread the Locky ransomware via Facebook. Exper
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.ZZZZZ Ransomware is yet another Locky Variant

Here we go again – .ZZZZZ File Virus Ransomware! There has been yet another change to the infamous Locky ransomware virus. We have witnessed previous changes before, as we watched the virus morph from one Norse god to another, with versions like .Thor, .Odin, etc.The latest of its kind was the .Aesir File Virus and that too was a fairly recent edition
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Understanding the Latest Version of Locky Ransomware

It is one of the most prevalent spam malware in the wild today: Locky ransomware. The Locky malware authors started their campaign last year but didn’t become very active until January 2016 – and they haven’t slowed down since. Locky e-mails usually come in with an attached zip archive and once extracted may contain a document or JavaScript. The Locky ransom
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Zepto Ransomware Packed into WSF Spam

ThreatTrack Labs has recently observed a surge of spam containing a zip attachment with a WSF (Windows Scripting File) to deliver Zepto ransomware. This tactic is a change from the common JavaScript and macro documents being spammed previously. Here are actual emails featuring familiar social engineering tactics: The zip attachments contain the WSF. &nbs
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Malicious Image Distributing Nemucod Downloader to Facebook Users

A malicious image file is distributing the Nemucod malware downloader to unsuspecting users via Facebook chat.Threat intelligence analyst Bart Blaze heard about the malware campaign from a friend. They told him they had received a message on Facebook chat that contained only a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file, which is an XML-based vector image format.Sou
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New Bizarro Sundown Exploit Kit Spreads Locky

A new exploit kit has arrived which is spreading different versions of Locky ransomware. We spotted two cases of this new threat, which is based on the earlier Sundown exploit kit. Sundown rose to prominence (together with Rig) after the then-dominant Neutrino exploit kit was neutralized. Called Bizarro Sundown, the first version was spotted on October 5 wit
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