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Making Windows Endpoints the Least of your Worries

Posted September 2, 2015   Nick CavalanciaWe’re all concerned that someday an external hacker – whether malicious or opportunistic – will try to gain access to your company’s critical data and systems, in an effort to exfiltrate data, hold it for ransom, or to simply wreak havoc. So you spend time and effort securing externally facing services
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Passwords: A Hacker’s Best Friend

Posted September 1, 2015   Larry BrockAfter all the years of talk about biometrics and multi-factor authentication, we still have passwords and will likely have them for a long time.Tomorrow, I will be hosting a webinar on why hackers love passwords.  Because many “high risk” systems require complex passwords (zk7&@1c6), most people that u
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Are you a Data Privacy Hypocrite?

Posted June 18, 2015   Morey HaberTurns out, most of us are.  We want to keep our data private, but without even knowing it, it’s being tracked behind our backs.  Here’s the deal… we have a huge hypocrisy with data privacy and/or a complete ignorance of the amount of personal data being collected. I think everyone agrees the theft of personal
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