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Twitter apologizes for leaking businesses’ financial data

byLisa VaasTwitter apologized on Tuesday for sticking business clients’ billing information into browser cache – a spot where the uninvited could have had a peek, regardless of not having the right to see it.In an email to its clients, Twitter said it was “possible” that others could have accessed the sensitive information, which incl
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Nuclear missile contractor hacked in Maze ransomware attack

byLisa VaasThe US is protected by what’s known as a nuclear triad: a three-pronged attack force that consists of land-launched nuclear missiles, nuclear missiles on submarines, and aircraft equipped with nuclear bombs and missiles.One of the triad’s legs – the land-based LGM-30 Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) – has
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Yodel parcel tracking app blabs about other people’s parcels

byLisa Vaas“Fragile?” “Handle with care?”“Meh! Looks like a football to me,” workers for the UK parcel delivery company Yodel must have said around the time – 2016 – they were caught on video, apparently tossing packages around.Have they grown more tender? Dunno, but FWIW, a year after the football exposé, they made it to the top of the country&#
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Identifying Sources of Leaks with the Gmail “+” Feature

For years, Google is offering two nice features with his gmail.com platform to gain more power of your email address. You can play with the “+” (plus) sign or “.” (dot) to create more email addresses linked to your primary one. Let’s take an example with John who’s the owner of john.doe@gmail.com. John can share the email
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Australian Red Cross Leaks Data of 550,000 Blood Donors

The personal data of over half a million blood donors across Australia has been leaked online, confirmed the Red Cross Blood Service on Friday.According to security researcher Troy Hunt, the data was exposed after a Red Cross partner published a 1.74 GB database backup to a publicly facing website.The file contained more than 1.2 million records for 550,000
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Malvertisements on “Fappening” forum lead to Android Ransomware

The trade in stolen nude celebrity shots may have died down somewhat since The Fappening was once a-happening, but that doesn’t mean the subject has gone away completely. Indeed, a popular forum devoted to leaked nudes has apparently been compromised: New *sensitive* breach loaded: The Fappening forum had 179k accounts exposed. 30% were already in @ha
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Database Containing 191 Million US Voters’ Personal Data Leaked Online

A security researcher has discovered a database containing the personally identifiable information (PII) of 191 million registered US voters, including names, addresses, birth dates and phone numbers, as well as voter IDs and party affiliations.According to a report by Forbes, whitehat hacker Chris Vickery said he uncovered the searchable database earlier t
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Is it OK to cheat on the AshleyMadison cheaters? (Poll)

The user register of AshleyMadison has been hacked. You don’t know what that is? Well, that’s perfectly fine. It’s a dating site for people who want to cheat on their spouses. Many dislike this site for moral reasons, but there is apparently a demand for it. The Canadian site has some 37 million users globally! Some user data has already been leaked out and
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Hackers Steal Over a Million Japanese Citizens’ Personal Data in Targeted Attack

Approximately 1.25 million personal records were compromised by hackers in a recent targeted attack, confirmed the organization that manages Japan’s universal public pension system.According to the Wall Street Journal, hackers succeeded in compromising the names and pension numbers of 31,000 people in the attack, as well as the names, pension numbers,
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How to blow whistle and survive?

Whistle blowers have changed the world and there’s still a lot of hidden secrets that the public really should know about. High-profile leakers like Snowden, Manning and Assange are known globally, and are paying a high price for their courage. But only a few are dedicated enough to blow the whistle in public, most leakers want to carry on with their normal
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The Dropbox password leak – 6 lessons we learned

Yet another massive user ID and password leak. This time it affects about 7 million DropBox users, even if DropBox denies they were hacked. As usual, such a hack means that the data these users have stored in DropBox is in jeopardy. It also means that those who use the same ID and password on many services have much bigger troubles. Let’s see what we can lea
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Beware Your RSA Mobile App Download

By Gunter Ollmann, @gollmann It's been half a decade since Apple launched their iPhone campaign titled "There's an app for that". In the years following, the mobile app stores (from all the major players) have continued to blossom to the point that not only are there several thousand apps that help light your way (i.e. by keeping the flash running brig
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