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The ransomware landscape changes as fewer victims decide to pay

Fewer victims are choosing to pay their ransomware extorters, especially among large enterprises, according to a recent investigation from Coveware. As a result of this, and other circumstances, we can see some shifts in the way that ransomware groups and their affiliates work. Large organizations An encouraging trend among large organizations is that
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Roe v. Wade: How the cops can use your data: Lock and Code S03E15

On the evening of June 23, in the United States, millions of women went to bed with a Constitutional right to choose to have an abortion, and they went to bed with the many assurances that are tied to that right—to speak about getting an abortion, to organize and provide support to those seeking abortions, to search for abortion services safely online, to di
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Cyberattacks against law enforcement are on the rise

Experts observed an increase in malicious activity targeting law enforcement agencies at the beginning of Q2 2022. Resecurity, a Los Angeles-based cybersecurity company protecting Fortune 500 companies worldwide, has registered an increase in malicious activity targeting law enforcement agencies at the beginning of Q2 2022. Threat actors are hacking emai
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Interpol’s First Light operation smashes crime on a global scale

A large-scale Interpol operation has resulted in arrested and ill-gotten gains seizures galore. Operation First Light took place between March and May of this year. It involved 76 countries taking social engineers and telecommunications fraudsters to task, with multiple wins for those involved. Taking the fight to the scammers The operations focused on
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Interpol arrests thousands of scammers in operation “First Light 2022”

Law enforcement agencies around the world appear to have scored a major victory in the fight against fraudsters, in an operation that seized tens of millions of dollars and seen more than 2000 people arrested.Operation “First Light 2022”, running for two months from March 8 2002 until May 8 2022, saw 76 countries clamp down on organised crime rin
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US legislation brings mandatory cyberattack and ransomware reporting one step closer

The US Senate has passed legislation designed to improve the cybersecurity of the Federal Government.The legislation, which consists of three bills, was unanimously passed by the Senate on Tuesday evening, and would – amongst other things – require organisations working in critical industry sectors to alert the US Government about hacks and ranso
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Dark Overlord collaborator imprisoned for trading stolen identities

A Canadian man has been handed a three year prison sentence after being found guilty of buying and selling over 1700 stolen identities on a dark web marketplace.29-year-old Slava Dmitriev, who went by the online handle of “GoldenAce”, bought and sold individuals’ personal private information, including social security numbers, on the AlphaB
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The story of the year: ransomware in the headlines

In the past twelve months, the word “ransomware” has popped up in countless headlines worldwide across both print and digital publications: The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, the New York Times. It is no longer just being discussed by CISOs and security professionals, but politicians, school administrators, and hospital directors. Words like Babu
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When renting a hitman online goes horribly wrong

You might think looking up an illegal act online, and then visiting a website claiming to be all about doing said act, would be a huge mistake. Nobody would do this, right? Right? It’s too wild to contemplate. You can barely move online for warnings about tracking or tracing. Even your web browser tells you when your activities aren’t hidden f
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FBI server hijacked to send up to 100,000 bogus attack mails

If you received a scary missive from what appears to be from the FBI over the last few days, you’re not alone. The emails, which may have reached as many as 100,000 people, blamed a fictitious cyberattack on an innocent party. The mail read as follows: Our intelligence monitoring indicates exfiltration of several of your virtualized clusters in a so
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Google, geofence warrants, and you

Another day, another example of how the data sharing choices we make can come back to haunt us. The Guardian reports a Florida resident finding his bike ride data requested by law enforcement. This is due to his route taking him close to the scene of a burglary a year earlier. According to the report, he had just seven days to put something in front of a
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Where Should We Draw the Cyber Blue Line?

What are the limits of online privacy and law enforcement? Can we clearly define them, or is this a vague and blurred area of debate?The fact is that as technology advances, the real and the virtual worlds are increasingly converging. Actions (or inactions) in the cyberspace introduce risks and threats for people, especially the most vulnerable ones, i.e. ch
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Arrests of members of Tetrade seed groups Grandoreiro and Melcoz

Spain’s Ministry of the Interior has announced the arrest of 16 individuals connected to the Grandoreiro and Melcoz (also known as Mekotio) cybercrime groups. Both are originally from Brazil and form part of the Tetrade umbrella, operating for a few years now in Latin America and Western Europe. Grandoreiro is a banking Trojan malware family that initi
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Egregor ransomware hit by arrests

In a collaboration between French and Ukranian law enforcement, arrests have been made that might put a dent in one of the world’s most sophisticated ransomware operations. As reported first by France Inter, law enforcement made the arrests after French authorities traced ransom payments to individuals located in Ukraine. While the arrests have
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Cleaning up after Emotet: the law enforcement file

This blog post was authored by Hasherezade and Jérôme Segura Emotet has been the most wanted malware for several years. The large botnet is responsible for sending millions of spam emails laced with malicious attachments. The once banking Trojan turned into loader was responsible for costly compromises due to its relationship with ransomware gangs. On
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