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NemucodAES ransomware and Kovter trojan bundled in the same campaigns

Security experts at the SANS Institute discovered that that NemucodAES ransomware and Kovter trojan are being delivered together in spam campaigns. Security experts at the SANS Institute Internet Storm Center, discovered that that two malware families, NemucodAES and Kovter are being delivered together in .zip attachments delivered via active spam campaigns.
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Fileless Infections: An Overview

To date, there are a number of so-called fileless infections. By fileless infections or fileless malware, we are referring to an infection or malware that does not write any files to the infected system’s hard drive. By leaving as little traces behind as possible, malware authors try to postpone detection by security vendors for as long as possible. Which is
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Fake IRS Spam Email Campaign Serves Up Kovter, CoreBot Malware

Last week, we reported on a post office email scam that was recently observed to be targeting PostNord customers with Cryptolocker2 ransomware. Our story noted that customers commonly fall for this type of scam because, by nature, they tend to trust institutions with which they are familiar.As a result, users were more than willing to click on a URL to arra
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Click-Fraud Malware Spreading via JavaScript Attachments

A new malware campaign has been spotted that has begun seeding spam messages with a downloader heavily obfuscated with JavaScript. The SANS Internet Storm Center said today that two days ago, a flood of spam messages were observed laced with .js attachments.The JavaScript obfuscates a downloader that once it’s installed on a compromised machine, calls
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Kovter trojan patches Flash Player, IE to close the door to other infections

Security researcher discovered a strain of the Kovter trojan that has been updating  Flash Player and Internet Explorer to prevent further infections. The French security expert Kafeine have discovered a new strain of the Kovter malware noticing that the instance of the malicious code he was analyzing were attempting to downlo
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Fiesta EK Wreaks Havoc on Popular Torrent Site

Downloading music and movies from Torrent sites seems to be more and more difficult these days. Beside the illegal nature of the act in some countries, many sites that index torrents are filled with aggressive ads and pop ups often tricking the user to run programs and other junk that they don’t need. To get the actual content you were looking for is o
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Fessleak malvertising campaign used to serve ransomware

Invincea has been monitoring the Fessleak campaign in which hackers leveraged Adobe Flash Player exploits and file-less infections to serve ransomware. Security experts from Invincea are investigating on a new Ransomware campaign originated in Russia that presented many interesting characteristics. The researchers discovered t
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