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Keeping your kids safe online during lockdown

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise across the world, many countries are moving back into full lockdown. As well as preventing people from travelling unnecessarily, these rules have seen thousands of schools closed and lessons moved online. Helping children to learn while trying to work a full-time job is difficult and stressful. Especially when computers and
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Watch out! European Consumer Organisation warns of some kid GPS smartwatches have security flaws

Some kid smartwatches available for sale in Europe pose security and privacy risks, including potentially allowing hackers to take control over them. The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) warns that most children’s GPS-tracking smartwatches represent a threat for them. Many devices are affected by security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by
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Kids need better protection – An open letter to developers and decision makers

Tuesday February 9th is Safer Internet Day this year. An excellent time to sit down and reflect about what kind of Internet we offer to our kids. And what kind of electronic environment they will inherit from us. I have to be blunt here. Our children love their smartphones and the net. They have access to a lot of stuff that interest them. And it’s their new
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When children are breached—inside the massive VTech hack

Troy Hunt is the founder of haveibeenpwned.com. This post originally appeared on his website and is reprinted with his permission. Further ReadingGigabytes of user data from hack of Patreon donations site dumped onlineThe inclusion of source code and databases suggests breach was extensive.I suspect we’re all getting a little bit too conditioned to
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10 Things to Tell Your Kids Before Giving Them a Smartphone [Checklist]

This story comes to you as part of our Top 10 List Bonanza series helping students prepare for back to school. Everybody loves a top 10 list; some of our lists might not be exactly 10, some might be 5 or 15, but these are the top lists for you as a student or parent to get revved up for back to school — on the right foot. And we'll give you some discounts al
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Get Your Kids to Call Back with Family Protector’s Call Me Action

Tired of your children ignoring your calls? Sometimes kids need a little more than a missed call or text to call you back.Family Protector includes a Call Me action that allows you to freeze your children's devices remotely, and then unlock once they call back.Call Me sends a message with your number to your child and locks the device. This action turns off
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How to Set up and Manage iTunes Allowances for Your Kids

If your kids have iOS devices, or Macs, they probably badger you often to buy things for them. They probably ask you to buy music, movies, apps, and even in-app purchases for games they play. Eventually, they need to learn to manage money on their own, and you can set up an iTunes allowance to allow them to do this.Every month, your son or daughter will get
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Control What Information Apps Can Access on Your Kid’s iPhone or iPad

I recently explained how to enable and set up Restrictions on an iOS device, to ensure that your children don’t have free reign on their iPhone or iPad. If you don’t turn on Restrictions, however, you might still want to help your children ensure that their privacy is respected. You can control what information and features certain apps can access on an iPho
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How to Keep Your Family Safe and Protected Online

As a parent, ensuring a safe online experience for your family can be challenging. The same, of course, applies to keeping relatives informed about the online threats that can affect them without their knowledge. If you have been appointed the task of ensuring your family is safe and protected online, I encourage you to accept the challenge!Stopping hackers,
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A Parents’ Guide to Protecting Kids’ Privacy on Social Media

If your kids use social media, as all kids do, you may be worried about protecting their privacy. Teenagers may be a bit unconcerned about such things, and not care who reads their Facebook posts, their Twitter feeds, or sees their photos on Instagram. As a parent, you know how important it is to keep your kids' online life out of the public domain, as much
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Google plans YouTube clean-up, ready for kid customers

Google's so keen on getting underage advertising targets children onto its services, it's even mulling how to clean up the swamp that is YouTube.According to a report from The Information, the data-dealing big boy is contemplating how to roll out the child-sized red carpet with these new offerings:A dashboard for parents to watch over their kids' activities,
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Pokemon X and Y Tumblrs: Warn your Kids

A gentle reminder not to leave your kids alone with their best friend ever, the internet. Pokemon X and Y is by all accounts a raging success, and if the smaller members of your household go Googling for things related to said title, they may well end up on a site such as the below promising a PC download of the new game. pokemonxetyromemulateur(dot)tumblr(d
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