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Malwarebytes teams up with security vendors and advocacy groups to launch Coalition Against Stalkerware

Today, Malwarebytes is announcing its participation in a joint effort to stop invasive digital surveillance: the Coalition Against Stalkerware. For years, Malwarebytes has detected and warned users about the potentially dangerous capabilities of stalkerware, an invasive threat that can rob individuals of their expectation of, and right to, privacy. Just
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Kaspersky: Hackers used backdoored MS Office key-gen to steal NSA exploits

According to Kaspersky, the PC was hacked after the NSA employee installed a backdoored key generator for a pirated copy of Microsoft Office. More details emerge from the story of the hack of the Kaspersky antivirus that allowed Russian intelligence to stole secret exploits from the personal PC of the NSA staffer. The PC was hacked after the NSA employee ins
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Russian spies pilfered data from NSA Contractor’s home PC running a Kaspersky AV

Russian hackers allegedly exploited Kaspersky AV to hack into NSA contractor and steal the NSA exploit code. It complicates Kaspersky’s position. Anonymous sources have claimed Russian intelligence extracted NSA exploits from a US government contractor’s home PC using Kaspersky Lab software. Sources told the Wall Street Journal that a malicious c
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US Bans the Use of Kaspersky Software in Federal Agencies

We are living through one of the most precarious moments in international relations of the last several years. Threats of commercial warfare, espionage, and sanctions are constantly threatening to polarize two major world powers — the United States and Russia — and embroil them in perpetual conflict. This can no doubt have huge — and serious — consequences i
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The bateleur backdoor is the new weapon in the Carbank gang’s arsenal

Experts at Proofpoint noticed the infamous cyber crime gang Carbanak has added a new JScript backdoor dubbed Bateleur Backdoor to its arsenal. According to researchers at security firm Proofpoint, the infamous cyber crime gang Carbanak has added a new JScript backdoor dubbed Bateleur Backdoor to its arsenal. Carbanak, aka FIN7, has also used updated macros.
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The Stuxnet vulnerability is still one of the most exploited flaws in the wild by hackers

A new report published by Kaspersky confirms that Stuxnet exploits targeting a Windows Shell Vulnerability is still widely adopted by threat actors. The case that I’m going to present you demonstrates the importance of patch management and shows the effects of the militarization of the cyberspace. Unpatched software is an easy target for hackers that c
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Joining the dots between the ancient Moonlight Maze espionage campaigns and the Turla APT

Experts at Kaspersky presented the findings of its research that definitively connect the Moonlight Maze cyber espionage campaigns to the Turla APT group. One year ago, the researcher Thomas Rid at the Security Analyst Summit disclosed the alleged links between the Moonlight Maze cyber espionage operation of mid 1990s and the Turla APT. Today at the annual K
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Russia arrested Ruslan Stoyanov the head of the investigation unit at the Kaspersky in ‘Treason Probe’

Russian authorities arrested Ruslan Stoyanov the head of the investigation unit at the Kaspersky Lab in ‘Treason Probe’. A sad news is shocking the IT security industry, the Russian authorities arrested Ruslan Stoyanov, one of the most important cybercrime investigators working for the Kaspersky Lab. Ruslan Stoyanov is the head of the investigati
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Kaspersky fixing a serious problem with inspection digital certificates

Google hacker Tavis Ormandy discovered a serious flaw that affects the Kaspersky antivirus software and the way it manages inspection digital certificates. Experts from Kaspersky are solving a problem that disabled certificate validation for 400 million users. The problem was spotted by the notorious Google hacker Tavis Ormandy, the vulnerability affects the
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OnionDog APT targets Critical Infrastructures and Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

The Helios Team at 360 SkyEye Labs revealed that a group named OnionDog has been infiltrating and stealing information from the energy, transportation and other infrastructure industries of Korean-language countries through the Internet. OnionDog’s first activity can be traced back to October, 2013 and in the following two years it was only active between l
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Is the Infocube firm tied to the Carbanak cybercrime gang?

The security expert Brian Krebs investigated the links between the Carbanak cybercrime gang and the Infocube security firm. Today I want to share with you the findings of an investigation of the popular cyber security expert Brian Krebs. This time, Krebs investigated the link between a cybercrime gang and a security firm. The security company is the Russian 
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Carbanak cybergang is back and it is not alone

Experts at Kaspersky Lab discovered that Carbanak cybergang is back and other groups are adopting similar APT-style techniques to steal money. Security researchers at the 2016 edition of SAS in Tenerife revealed that the infamous Carbanak gang is back, and it is not the unique group that is adopting APT-style techniques to steal money from banks. Last year,
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AVG, McAfee, and Kaspersky antivirus were vulnerable to critical flaw

Experts at enSilo have found a critical security vulnerability in various antivirus (AV) software that could be exploited by attackers to turn the AntiVirus to an attack-enabler tool. Some of the most important security firms have had an ugly surprise, the security software they offer to their clints have been compromised by a
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Experts discovered the attack platform used by the Winnti Group

Experts at Kaspersky have discovered that Winnti Group has enhanced its attack platform infecting organizations in South Korea, UK and Russia. In 2013, security experts at Kaspersky Lab uncovered a cyber espionage that targeted the gaming industry with a malware signed with a valid digital certificate. The threat actor behind
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Security wares like Kaspersky AV can make you more vulnerable to attacks

Antivirus applications and other security software are supposed to make users more secure, but a growing body of research shows that in some cases, they can open people to hacks they otherwise wouldn't be vulnerable to.The latest example is antivirus and security software from Kaspersky Lab. Tavis Ormandy, a member of Google's Project Zero vulnerability rese
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