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Technology and the power of moral panic

Moral panic is a fascinating topic, and often finds itself tied up in the cutting edge-technology of the times once it works its way into the hands of younger generations. Music, games, movies—pretty much anything you can think of is liable to gatecrash the “won’t somebody think of the children?” party no matter how well-meaning or patently silly it is. Last
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Now Officially Supporting Kali Linux 2.0

In August, we were getting a lot of questions about Kali 2. I have answered some questions in Metasploit on Kali Linux 2.0 blog post in the past. Today, I am pleased to announce that we extend our official platform support to three new operating systems which are now listed in Metasploit System Requirements page:Kali Linux 2.0Red Hat Enterprise Server 7.1 or
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Metasploit on Kali Linux 2.0

As you are aware, Kali 2.0 has been released this week and getting quite a bit of attention, as it should. Folks behind Kali have worked really hard to bring you the new version of Kali Linux that everyone is excited about. If you have already started to play with the new version, you probably have realized that something is different, that is; Metasploit Co
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Kali Linux VM installation and setup

PrefaceFrom time to time I realize that certain tasks that are trivial for me are not necessarily easy for others, especially if they are just getting started with IT security stuff.As I am going to be a Facilitator at SANS Munich 2015 on SEC 401, plus we have a few people at work who are just dipping their toe into the wonderful world of Kali Linux, it see
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Wifiphisher – Automated phishing attacks against Wifi networks

A Greek security researcher has developed WiFiPhisher, a Wi-Fi social engineering tool that is designed to steal credentials from users of WPA networks. The Greek security expert George Chatzisofroniou has developed WiFiPhisher, a WiFi social engineering tool that allows an attacker to steal credentials from users of secure
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Kali Linux – The Most Advanced Penetration Testing Linux Distribution

So Linux Live CDs based around hacking or penetration testing used to be a super big deal, they died down a bit in the last few years. The king of the hill back in 2011 used to be BackTrack and the last time we mentioned it was when BackTrack 5 came out.This article is our second most viewed of ALL TIME – 10 Best Security Live CD Distros (Pen-Test, For
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Kali NetHunter turns Android device into hacker Swiss Army knife

One of the tools we've leaned on heavily in some of our lab testing of software privacy and security is Kali Linux. The Debian-based operating system comes packaged with a collection of penetration testing and network monitoring tools curated and developed by the security training company Offensive Security. Today, the Kali developer team and Offensive Sec
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msfconsole failing to start? Try 'msfconsole -n'

As part of the last release, the Metasploit Engineering team here at Rapid7 has been on a path of refactoring in the Metasploit open source code in order to make it more performant and to get toward a larger goal of eventually breaking up the framework into a multitude of libraries that can be used and tested in a standalone way. This effort will make i
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