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The return of HackingTeam with new implants for OS X

Last week, Patrick Wardle published a nice analysis of a new Backdoor and Dropper used by HackingTeam, which is apparently alive and well. Since HackingTeam implants are built on-demand for each target, and it appears that the samples mentioned in the blog were found in-the-wild, we wanted to take a closer look: to see how it works and what its functionality
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Remote code execution via serialized data

Most programming languages contain powerful features, that used correctly are incredibly powerful, but used incorrectly can be incredibly dangerous. Serialization (and deserialization) is one such feature available in most modern programming languages. As mentioned in a previous article: “Serialization is a feature of programming languages that allows the st
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JSON, Homoiconicity, and Database Access

During a recent review of an internal web application based on the Node.js platform, we discovered that combining JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and database access (database query generators or object-relational mappers, ORMs) creates interesting security challenges, particularly for JavaScript programming environments. To see why, we first have to exami
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JOSE – JSON Object Signing and Encryption

Federated Identity Management has become very widespread in past years – in addition to enterprise deployments a lot of popular web services allow users to carry their identity over multiple sites. Social networking sites especially are in a good position to drive the federated identity management, as they have both critical mass of users and the incen
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Critical Vulnerabilities Affect JSON Web Token Libraries

Critical vulnerabilities exist in several JSON Web Token (JWT) libraries – namely the JavaScript and PHP versions – that could let an attacker bypass the verification step.Tim McLean, a Canadian security researcher who specializes in cryptography and dug up the issues, points out that attackers could exploit one of those vulnerabilities, which abuses an asym
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