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Securing Interactive Kiosks IoTs with the Paradox OS

Article by Bernard Parsons, CEO, Becrypt Whether it is an EPOS system at a fast food venue or large display system at a public transport hub, interactive kiosks are becoming popular and trusted conduits for transacting valuable data with customers.The purpose of interactive kiosks, and the reason for their increasing prevalence, is to drive automation and ma
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TikTok is the Rule, Not the Exception, When it Comes to Mobile App Privacy and Security Risks

Unfortunately for TikTok, 2020 isn’t starting off well. The video-sharing social networking service that was under fire by U.S. legislatures in 2019, is being banned by the U.S. Army, prohibiting soldiers from using it on government-owned devices, citing a potential security risk. Army spokeswoman Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa told Military.com the Chinese social me
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9 iPhone and iPad security and privacy features to set up right now

So you've got a new iPhone or iPad, or perhaps even an iPod touch; maybe it's your first, or maybe it's an upgrade from an older model. Security and privacy issues on these devices are arguably even more important than they are with Macs, because, especially with iPhones, you take them with you wherever you go. There are many potential threats to your securi
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The little-known ways mobile device sensors can be exploited by cybercriminals

The bevy of mobile device sensors in modern smartphones and tablets make them more akin to pocket-sized laboratories and media studios than mere communication devices. Cameras, microphones, accelerometers, and gyroscopes give incredible flexibility to app developers and utility to mobile device users. But the variety of inputs also give clever hackers new me
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GHIA CamIP 1.2 For iOS Denial Of Service

# Exploit Title: GHIA CamIP 1.2 for iOS - 'Password' Denial of Service (PoC)# Discovery by: Ivan Marmolejo# Discovery Date: 2019-11-27# Vendor Homepage: https://apps.apple.com/mx/app/ghia-camip/id1342090963# Software Link: App Store for iOS devices# Tested Version: 1.2 # Vulnerability Type: Denial of Service (DoS) Local# Tested on OS: iPhone 6s iOS
Publish At:2019-12-02 23:10 | Read:457 | Comments:0 | Tags: IOS

iNetTools For iOS 8.20 Denial Of Service

# Exploit Title: iNetTools for iOS 8.20 - 'Whois' Denial of Service (PoC)# Discovery by: Ivan Marmolejo# Discovery Date: 2019-11-25# Vendor Homepage: https://apps.apple.com/mx/app/inettools-ping-dns-port-scan/id561659975# Software Link: App Store for iOS devices# Tested Version: 8.20# Vulnerability Type: Denial of Service (DoS) Local# Tested on OS:
Publish At:2019-11-30 11:10 | Read:520 | Comments:0 | Tags: IOS

New Free Emulator Challenges Apple's Control of iOS

An open-source tool gives researchers and jailbreakers a free option for researching vulnerabilities in the operating system - and gives Apple a new headache.A security researcher at Black Hat Europe in London next week plans to release an open source low-level emulator that can run a version of Apple's mobile operating system.The project, based on the
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Privacy and Security Issues Found in Popular Shopping Apps

Just in time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season, we investigated the most recent versions* of 30 of the leading, well-known mobile shopping applications to see how the application providers protect users from security and privacy risks.  The results based on our Advanced Application Analysis z3A technology are alarming: 100% of
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scadaApp For iOS Denial Of Service

# Exploit Title: scadaApp for iOS - 'Servername' Denial of Service (PoC)# Discovery by: Luis Martinez# Discovery Date: 2019-11-18# Vendor Homepage: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/scadaapp/id1206266634# Software Link: App Store for iOS devices# Tested Version: Vulnerability Type: Denial of Service (DoS) Local# Tested on OS: iPhone 7
Publish At:2019-11-20 11:10 | Read:444 | Comments:0 | Tags: IOS

Introducing iVerify, the security toolkit for iPhone users

“If privacy matters, it should matter to the phone your life is on.” So says Apple in their recent ads about Privacy on the iPhone and controlling the data you share—but many of the security features they highlight are opt-in, and users often don’t know when or how to activate them. But hey… we got your back! Today, Trail of Bits launched i
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Zimperium Analyzes TikTok’s Security and Privacy Risks

Several news outlets over the last few days are talking about how TikTok, the viral short video app where millions of teens post comedy skits set to music, is under fire from U.S. lawmakers.   CNN reports US lawmakers on both sides of the aisle warn that the app could pose a national security risk, and are calling on regulators and intelligence agencies to
Publish At:2019-11-12 00:25 | Read:447 | Comments:0 | Tags:App Security Mobile Threat Defense Android apps iOS mobile M

CVE-2019-8804: An inconsistency in Wi-Fi network configuration 

Researcher: Christy Philip Mathew (@christypriory) Relevant Devices: iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad mini 4 and later, and iPod touch 7th generation CVE: CVE-2019-8804 Summary An attacker in physical proximity of an Apple Store or an Apple retailer may be able to force a user onto a malicious Wi-Fi network during device setup, if the device
Publish At:2019-11-12 00:25 | Read:418 | Comments:0 | Tags:iOS WiFi

It’s just a game: a handful of scenarios in the Bitcoin world

Resistance to unpopular changes to the protocol Bitcoin is the first mainstream open source digital currency. By having publicly verifiable source code and a decentralized protocol by design, it also offers some resistance to regulatory pressure. For example, if, in country C, a court of law forces Bitcoin core developers living in C to change the rules of
Publish At:2019-10-18 11:20 | Read:968 | Comments:0 | Tags: IOS

IOS Crash Report: Blocking "Pop-Ups" Doesn't Really Help

The Telegraph published an article on Thursday about a scam targeting iOS users. Here's the gist: scammers are using JavaScript generated dialogs to display warnings of so-called "IOS Crash" reports prompting people to call for tech support. Near the end of the Telegraph's article, the following advice is offered:"To prevent the issue happening again, go to
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Security and Privacy Issues Found in Popular Travel Apps

Planned your holiday travel just yet? Too soon? Not according to experts who told The Today Show the best time to book your Thanksgiving AND Christmas travel plans are before Halloween. After Halloween, fares go up, layover possibilities increase as does ending up in the middle seat.  The truth is, whenever you book travel – and more of us are doing s
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