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Twitter insiders? Don’t get accused of spying because of your staff

Just ten days after one of the biggest hacks in the history of Twitter, while both internal and external investigators continue to try figuring out exactly what happened, the social network is once again the subject of brand-tarnishing headlines, this time centered on the company’s poor internal security highlighted by the recent case of Twitter sub-contract
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Blackmail attempts by ex-employees

For German companies, the damage caused by cybercrime now totals more than 40 billion euros per year. And while it is often assumed that cyberattacks are carried out by external hackers or by state sponsored agents, the reality is quite different. For example, the German Federal Bureau for Information Security (BSI) sees so-called insiders as a greater dange
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Insider threats have increased 47%

Last year, a Canadian bank suffered a data breach that affected some 2.7 million people and around 173,000 companies. The stolen information included names, addresses, dates of birth, social insurance numbers, email addresses and information on customers’ transaction habits. The culprit of this breach? A malicious insider. According to the Ponemon Institute’
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US Oil and Gas Industry unprepared to mitigate risks in operational technology (OT) environments

A study commissioned by Siemens revealed that US oil and gas industry is unprepared to mitigate cybersecurity risks in operational technology environments. A new study commissioned by the engineering firm Siemens revealed that oil and gas industry in the United States is largely unprepared to mitigate cybersecurity risks in operational technology (OT) enviro
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Insiders, their costumes are so good you won’t even recognize them.

Knock knock! Trick or treat! Companies and cybercriminals play the same game. You could be opening back doors to cybercriminals this year, without even knowing it. You’ll lose this game if you don’t fight back. Ransomware attacks will capture your documents and the attackers will be expecting a big juicy reward (if you want your files back, that is). This Ha
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