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The Importance of Building an Information Security Strategic Plan

Some say that strategic planning is no longer practical or necessary in today’s rapidly changing technical environment, but strategy still remains an essential part of defining clear companywide goals and how to achieve them. Strategic planning is about setting long-term goals, establishing the directions and constraints that will guide the tactical ac
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US Government to Establish Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center

The U.S. government announced in February the establishment of a new Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC) to analyze all cyberthreats for U.S. policymakers, including foreign cyberthreats and threats against U.S. interests. According to a spokesperson from the U.S. government, this new center is necessary because there is a need for a single
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Self-Improvement Agenda for CISOs: What Is Top of Mind for 2015?

A series of workshops with information security leaders from well-known organizations at the NG Security U.S. Summit in December 2014 uncovered some valuable insights that can help chief information security officers (CISOs) drive a self-improvement agenda for their enterprise security teams in the year ahead. What Is the Business Value of Information Securi
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How to Create Impact With Your Information Security Report in the Boardroom

Groundbreaking security intelligence tools make it possible to build bridges between silos of threat and vulnerability data. One of the key features of these tools is the ability to create security dashboards and reports. However, a chief information security officer (CISO) still needs to translate data from these reports into the executive language. Though
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How to Reduce Human Error in Information Security Incidents

According to the “IBM Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index,” 95 percent of information security incidents involve human error. Human error is not only the most important factor affecting security, but it is also a key factor in aviation accidents and in medical errors. Information security risk managers and chief information s
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Data Protection in the Internet of Things

Some experts see the Internet of Things (IoT), or the Internet of Everything, as the next industrial revolution, in which a new category of devices will start communicating with each other with little or no human intervention. But how does data protection fit into the picture? In the IoT, multiple sensors, tiny computer chips and communications devices will
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Will the Chief Vendor Information Security Officer Role Soon Be a Reality?

In today’s world, the role of the chief information security officer (CISO) is generally defined by the responsibilities of accounting for day-to-day information security governance, ensuring compliance with respect to regulatory requirements and setting the vision in the organization so that it aligns with business priorities. These days, many organiz
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How to Present Information Security Topics to a Non-Security Audience

Recently, I had the opportunity to do something I don’t do often: present to an audience that isn’t directly involved in security. It was an enlightening experience as I noted which ideas were met with nods of agreement and which concepts were met with blank stares. The event was a cloud summit in Prague, so part of the communication issues may h
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How to Enhance Security With Persuasive Technology

Security breaches continue to lead in technology news, with the targeted victims ranging from personal consumer storage to major enterprises and government organizations. All too often, the response from the public — and enterprise management — is to blame the human failings of the victims. While it is true that people, both as employees and consumers, large
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CISO vs. CRO: What’s the Difference?

Another C has found its way into the lexicon of the C-suite: the chief risk officer (CRO). Some may be scratching their heads and wondering why CROs are necessary. After all, isn’t risk already part of the domain responsibility of the chief executive officer (CEO), general counsel, chief security officer (CSO), chief information officer (CIO), chief in
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3 Sure-Fire Tips for Navigating the Chaos of the Information Security Industry

The ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ Guide to Black Hat and Security Intelligence “Found my coat and grabbed my hat / Made the bus in seconds flat,” from “A Day in the Life” on The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” perfectly describes my harried journey to my first Black Hat conference to talk
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