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Exploiting Industrial Collaborative Robots

By Lucas Apa (@lucasapa)Traditional industrial robots are boring. Typically, they are autonomous or operate with limited guidance and execute repetitive, programmed tasks in manufacturing and production settings.1 They are often used to perform duties that are dangerous or unsuitable for workers; therefore, they operate in isolation from humans an
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Compromising Industrial Robots: The Fallacy of Industrial Routers in the Industry 4.0 Ecosystem

The increased connectivity of computer and robot systems in the industry 4.0. ecosystem, is, and will be exposing robots to cyber attacks in the future. Indeed, industrial robots—originally conceived to be isolated—have evolved, and are now exposed to corporate networks and the internet. While this provides synergy effects and higher efficiency in production
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Hacking Robots Before Skynet

By Cesar Cerrudo (@cesarcer)and Lucas Apa (@lucasapa)Robots are goingmainstream in both private and public sectors - on military missions,performing surgery, building skyscrapers, assisting customers at stores, as healthcareattendants, as business assistants, and interacting closely with our familiesin a myriad of ways. Robots are already showing up in many
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