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People, Process and Technology: The Incident Response Trifecta

Let’s say you are the CISO or IT security lead of your organization, and your incident response program needs an uplift. After making a compelling business case to management for investment, your budget has been approved and expanded. With your newfound wealth, you focus on acquiring technology that will improve your monitoring, detection and analysis
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What Drives Incident Responders: Key Findings from the 2022 Incident Responder Study

Cyberattacks seldom happen when it’s convenient. In fact, it’s relatively common for them to occur on weekends or holidays — threat actors capitalize on the fact that there is fewer staff on site, and those who are there are focused on the coming weekend or time off. It’s also not uncommon for attacks of this nature to involve critic
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Solving the Data Problem Within Incident Response

One of the underappreciated aspects of incident response (IR) is that it often starts as a data problem. In many cases, IR teams are presented with an effect such as malware or adversary activity and charged with determining the cause through the identification of evidence that ties the cause and effect together within an environment that they have no visib
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A Journey in Organizational Resilience: The Data Life Cycle

With so many efforts focused on restoring systems, applications and workloads, it is easy to miss an important piece: the data that makes business processes possible. A fully restored system is as good as offline if you don’t have the data required to work. Let’s face it: in the past, technology drove business capabilities. Today, data does. Wei
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What Is Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM)?

Customer identity access management (CIAM) solutions enable companies to manage more than just customer information. CIAM makes it possible to manage data-sharing consent, self-service customer registration, account management, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication (MFA) across channels (mobile, web, apps, etc.). So, what exactly is it? And how doe
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A Journey in Organizational Cyber Resilience Part 2: Business Continuity

Keeping a business up and running during a problem takes the right people for the job. When it comes to cyber resilience through tough times, many things come down to the human factor. We focused on that in the first piece in this series, but it also makes a big difference to the second topic: business continuity. So, how do you make sure that your business
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Have You Pivoted Yet? Rapidly Move Between Data and Intelligence for Correlation and Alert Prioritization

This is Cool Stuff… When we launched the second revision of our ThreatScape API early this year, we were extremely excited about the pivot functionality we added as we heard from a number of customers doing security operations and incident response that they needed functionality to rapidly move between data and intelligence for correlation and alert pr
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