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What is an Incident Response Professional?

As part of our ongoing series highlighting various roles in the cybersecurity industry, this article shines the light on the incident response professional. While there are many misconceptions surrounding the role, let’s examine a few frequently asked questions. How In-Demand is this Particular Role? Why?  Year after year, the story is the same:
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People, Process and Technology: The Incident Response Trifecta

Let’s say you are the CISO or IT security lead of your organization, and your incident response program needs an uplift. After making a compelling business case to management for investment, your budget has been approved and expanded. With your newfound wealth, you focus on acquiring technology that will improve your monitoring, detection and analysis
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Outrageous Stories From Three Cyber Incident Responders

Working in cyber incident response can certainly make life interesting. Experiences typically run the gamut from exciting, dull, fun, repetitive and challenging. IBM Security commissioned a study from Morning Consult that surveyed over 1,100 cybersecurity incident responders across ten countries. Unsurprisingly, over two-thirds of respondents experienced da
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Emotional Blowback: Dealing With Post-Incident Stress

Cyberattacks are on the rise as adversaries find new ways of creating chaos and increasing profits. Attacks evolve constantly and often involve real-world consequences. The growing criminal Software-as-a-Service enterprise puts ready-made tools in the hands of threat actors who can use them against the software supply chain and other critical systems. And t
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A Day in the Life: Working in Cyber Incident Response

As a cybersecurity incident responder, your life can go from zero to 100 in a heartbeat. One moment you are sipping a beverage reading the latest threat intelligence or getting the kids ready for bed; the next, you may be lunging for your “go bag” because you cannot remote in to the breached system. It’s all part of the game. Seasoned inci
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5 tips for building an effective security operations center (SOC)

Security is more than just tools and processes. It is also the people that develop and operate security systems. Creating systems in which security professionals can work efficiently and effectively with current technologies is key to keeping your data and networks secure. Many enterprise organizations understand this need and are attempting to meet it with
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