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IBM Experts Weigh In on the Value of an Industry-Focused Approach to Security

To more closely align with the way clients think about security, IBM Security is focused on providing an open security immune system that enables organizations to integrate and leverage the investments they have already made within their specific industry. Experts Discuss the Benefits of an Industry-Focused Security Strategy We consulted six experts from the
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In Search of Equilibrium: Compliance and Security

The Moody Blues searched for the “Lost Chord,” Captain Kirk searched for Spock and the “In Search Of” television show sought to solve unexplained mysteries. Similarly, IT and security professionals are always searching for solutions that can balance myriad standards and regulations against a continuously evolving threat landscape. A
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The Power of the Security Immune System

The most common cyberattacks tend to follow the same pattern: An employee receives a fraudulent email and unwittingly exploits a vulnerability upon opening a malicious attachment, exposing sensitive data. Of course, there are countless variations — an unknown vulnerability, encrypted or exfiltrated data, a malware-laden hyperlink — and each one could result
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A Fast Start to Your Security Immune System

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of building a holistic security immune system. That is, an intelligent, integrated way to protect a network using information from many different sources, all of which is ingested by powerful analytics tools to help correlate, prioritize and act on security incidents. When I put together security transformati
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Building a Holistic Cyberhealth Immune System

With the increased focus on the importance of cybersecurity in the health care industry, it is important to think of a more holistic approach to address the industry’s pain points when managing the massive amounts of data are generated at an incredible pace every day. This growing challenge calls for an immune system approach to security. According to
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Can You Inoculate Your Organization Against Cybercrime?

In the natural world, new viral threats arise and existing viruses evolve to defeat our defenses. Just look at the flu — during the 2015 to 2016 flu season, people around the globe were fighting strains out of Switzerland and Phuket. This year, everyone’s worried about new flu varieties from California, Hong Kong and Brisbane. That’s why we get a
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Proactively Protect Your IT Immune System With Security Operations and Response

It’s winter in New England and I have big plans to ski. Standing in my way is the threat of a seasonal cold. I take a multivitamin, exercise and eat healthy every day to prepare for the worst. If a virus does hit, my immune system is primed to quickly detect and respond to it. Although your enterprise might not be hitting the slopes, it too has big pla
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‘In Security’ Web Comic, Episode 005: Protecting the Castle

Illustrations by Nathan Salla. Welcome to “In Security,” the web comic that takes a lighter look at the dark wave of threats crashing across business networks, endpoints, data and users. Get acquainted with the team and catch up by reading Episode 001, Episode 002, Episode 003 and Episode 004. Protecting the Castle With IBM Securing data today
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Getting on the Right Track With a Security Immune System

Like a train in the night, cybercriminals are fast and stealthy. They are more skilled than ever, and no one is immune to their innovative weapons and tactics. They work in the shadows but don’t shy away from publicly protecting their brands. Most likely, only once the damage is done will they get your full attention. Building a Security Immune System
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