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SWF Files Injecting Malicious iFrames on WordPress, Joomla Sites

Researchers have seen an uptick in Adobe Flash .SWF files being used to trigger malicious iFrames across websites.Several hundred WordPress and Joomla websites have been swept up in the campaign, first observed by researchers at the firm Sucuri last November. “Though it’s uncertain how many iterations existed in the wild when we first reported
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Top Adult Site RedTube Compromised, Redirects to Malware

DISCLAIMER: THIS POST INCLUDES SOME LANGUAGE AND TOPICS THAT MIGHT NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL READERS, PLEASE BE ADVISED AND PROCEED WITH CAUTION. We’ve documented adult sites leading to malware before on this blog, but this one is a little bit different. This time around, the source of the problem is not malvertising, but rather a malicious iframe plac
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#HackerKast 14 Bonus Round: Canadian Beacon – JavaScript Beacon and Performance APIs

In this week’s bonus footage of HackerKast, I showed Matt my new JavaScript port scanning magic that I dubbed “Canadian Beacon” because it uses the new Beacon API. It was either that or Kevin Beacon – I had to make a tough choice with my puns. It utilizes both the performance API and the beacon API. It shows how you can use iframes
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Malicious iFrame Injector Found in Adobe Flash File (.SWF)

Finding malware in Adobe Flash files (.swf) is nothing new, but it usually affects personal computers, not servers. Typically, a hidden iFrame is used to drop a binary browser exploit with .SWF files, infecting the client machine. This time we saw the opposite, where a binary .SWF file injects an invisible iFrame. This is an example of a malicious hidden iFr
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