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Asymmetric Network Defense: It’s 1904 All Over Again

Every network security manager fights an escalating and asymmetric war against adversaries aiming to penetrate networks or disrupt services hosted there.Symantec reported that major attacker-caused data breaches rose almost 25 percent last year, while Verisign reported almost a 300 percent increase in average DDoS attack size.Asymmetries abound: automated at
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The Hard Problem of Securing Enterprise Applications

This paper about securing enterprise applications has been sitting in my email since November. I eventually got round to reading it and apologise for not highlighting it sooner.Vendor recommended security controls and compliance requirements leave huge gaps in application security. ... Most have no understanding of how the application platforms work, where s
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OWASP AppSensor Code v2.0.0 Final Release

I was extremely pleased to read yesterday that the final version of the new AppSensor reference implementation has been published following three previous release candidates.The OWASP AppSensor project defines a conceptual framework and methodology that offers prescriptive guidance to implement application intrusion detection and automated response.John Melt
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CAPLOADER- Tool to handle large amounts of network traffic

PCAP files are important during investigation of a network based incidents, this to find out and resolve any network issue such as a malicious scan or a DoS attack against your services. CAPLOADER is a tool that will help in analyzing a large amounts of captured traffic in PCAP/PcapNG files.The tool will list each packet with content and classify them accor
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