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iPhone 14 Pro Review – An Amazing New Camera, Safety Features, and an Always-On Display

The iPhone 14 Pro includes a raft of new features, with an always-on display, safety features, such as Emergency SOS via satellite and crash detection, and a new 48 megapixel main camera. This is a solid upgrade to the iPhone Pro, and one that anyone who is serious about photography will want.New always-on displayThe iPhone 14 Pro has an always-on display.
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Apple Introduces iPhone 14, Apple Watch 8, and New AirPods

Apple has introduced the latest models of the iPhone and Apple Watch, along with a refresh to its AirPods Pro headphones. In a 90+ minute pre-recorded event, Apple showed off new features in the iPhone, and a brand new model of the Apple Watch, meant for athletes and adventurers. Here’s what’s new.Apple WatchThe first new product Apple presente
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Apple released patches for recently disclosed WebKit zero-day in older iPhones and iPads

Apple released new security updates for older iPhone and iPad devices addressing recently fixed WebKit zero-day. Apple has released new updates to backport patches released this month to older iPhone and iPad devices addressing the CVE-2022-32893 flaw. The CVE-2022-32893 flaw is an out-of-bounds issue that impacts We
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Do You Need a Security App on iPhone?

Do You Need a Security App on iPhone? August 24th, 2022 No Comments Data Protection, Mobile Security Apple products have plenty of fans, many of whom are considered loyal to the brand which has been putting out well-loved products since 1976. And when it comes
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How to Delete Old Accounts Containing Personal Information

Your digital footprint grows with every internet account you make. While your old Tumblr account may be fun for reminiscing, dormant accounts are actually one of the most significant sources of user data on the internet. These accounts can be used by data brokers or third parties to access your personal information.   To improve your data security, it’s good
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How to Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers

Whether using the internet for play or work, you want to spend your time online enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having a secure network.  You don’t want to contend with someone taking your personal data — whether it’s credit card information, passwords, or bank account details — via malware or a data breach on your Android, Windows, or Apple iOS d
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Lockdown Mode: Apple to protect users from targeted spyware attacks

Apple has previewed a new feature which aims to harden high-risk users from the serious threat of being spied upon by enemy states and intelligence agencies.“Lockdown Mode” is scheduled to arrive later this year with the release of Apple iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. It’s an optional feature for users who believe their computers and smartphones
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The iPhone at 15 – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 246

We look at this week’s security news, then we reminisce about 15 years of the iPhone, which went on sale on June 29, 2007. It’s been an interesting ride so far. A wide range of routers are under attack by new, unusually sophisticated malware ZuoRATHertzbleed: A new vulnerability in Intel and AMD CPUs lets hackers steal encryption keysOpenSSL 3.0.
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Can iPhone be hacked when turned off?

German researchers from the Technical University of Darmstadt recently discovered a possible security loophole in iPhones that, in theory, could potentially allow hackers to maliciously interact with a turned-off device. Contrary to popular belief, when newer model iPhones are off, they do not immediately fully powered down. Instead, the intelligent Apple de
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How iPhones can run malware even when they’re off

Most people think that turning off their iPhone – or letting the battery die – means that the phone is, well, off. The thing is, this isn’t quite true. In reality, most of the phone’s functionality has ended, but there are components that mindlessly continue a zombie-like existence, for the most part unbeknownst to the user. Even w
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How to remove Google from your life

Swearing off a company used to be easier. Rude customer service, an unfortunate bout of food poisoning, even standing up for workers’ rights against the alleged involvement of a private company to order a country’s military to brutally quash a strike—almost every facet of an individual boycott could be satisfied by simply refusing to purchase a company’s pro
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Get Ready to Repair Your Own iPhone! – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 237

Apple is making the tools and documents needed for iPhone repairs available to users in the US. Are you ready to repair your own iPhone? Removing outdated apps is now a trend as Apple joins Google and begins removing older software from the app store. Apple may be forced by EU regulators to open up iMessage. And we’ll discuss understanding USB-C and Th
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Fake Royal Mail chatbot offers up…a new iPhone?

Royal Mail scams are always popular techniques for people up to no good. We’ve covered them several times over the last year or so. A quick reminder: Your parcel is waiting for delivery This is the go-to tactic for fake Royal Mail phishing attacks. You receive a text claiming there’s a parcel in your name, waiting for collection. The SMS contains a lin
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De-Googling Carey Parker’s (and your) life: Lock and Code S03E06

Three years ago, a journalist for Gizmodo named Kashmir Hill wanted to understand what life was like without “Big Tech.” Far from a “digital detox” retreat—the kind of which were popular with exceedingly plugged-in, very online types of mid-20s and early-30s folks—Hill’s experiment with technology abstinence was colored by r
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Apple Releases Mac Studio, Studio Display, and Updates iPhone SE and iPad Air

Spring is in the air, and it’s time for Apple to announce new products. This year’s edition sees Apple release a totally new Mac model, the first in many years, and has also released a display, the first since 2016. Apple also updated its least expensive iPhone and the mid-price iPad Air. And added a couple of new colors to the iPhone 13 for go
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