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3 Tips on using iPhone Settings for Better Security

Many people feel that some platforms are more secure than others. And while there may be some truth in that, what’s far more common is that operating systems offer users security features that people choose to use, or ignore. As Micke has pointed out in the past, behavior is often more important for security than product features. So someone with an Android
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Hackers win $1 million bounty for iOS 9 remote hack

A team of hackers has received a million-dollar payout for disclosing a iOS zero-day vulnerability that could allow an attacker to remotely hack any Phone. Bad news for the Apple users, a team of hackers have received a million-dollar payout for disclosing an iOS zero-day vulnerability that could allow an attacker to remotely
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iOS 9 Can Now Finally Be Remotely Jailbroken — but YOU Can’t Do It

Bad news iOS 9 users. Someone has developed a way of jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad and spying on you, in a way that is currently unstoppable.And don't for a second think that someone isn't going to be hit by the attack — because huge amounts of money have already been spent discovering how to do it.Last month we told you how a group of Chinese hackers had
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Advertising – to block or not to block? (Poll)

I have become pretty immune to advertising on the net. The brain develops an algorithm to locate the relevant content and filter out the junk around it. Frankly speaking, ask me about what ads there were on the page I just visited, and I have no clue. And I believe that’s true for many of us. Except that our internal ad-blockers aren’t perfect. The advertisi
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How to Use Ad Blockers in iOS 9

If you follow tech news, you're probably aware of the controversy over ad blockers. iOS 9 allows users to install and implement "content blockers." These apps, which hook into the Safari web browser, can block ads and other types of content. As such, many web publishers who depend on ads are crying foul. They are saying that people using these ad blockers ar
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Pangu cracking team has released the iOS 9 jailbreak

The Chinese jailbreaking team Pangu has just released a software (iOS 9 jailbreak) that allows Apple users to jailbreak their mobile devices using  iOS 9. Every time a new release of the popular Apple iOS is presented, hackers and experts start the competition to jailbreak it. One of the most active hacking crew in this sense
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The recent iOS 9.0.1 Update fails to fix the Lock screen Bypass flaw

Apple recently released its first update to the new iOS 9, but experts noticed that it doesn’t fix the lock screen bypass vulnerability. Apple has already released its first update for the release iOS, the version iOS 9.0.1 was issued last week to fix a number of bugs. Last week Jose Rodriguez reported the lock screen by
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Find a zero-day exploit to hack IOS 9 and win a $1m prize

Zerodium is an Exploit trader and it’s offering a million dollar prize to any person that finds zero-day flaws in iOS 9, and you can imagine the motivation. Zerodium is an Exploit trader and it’s offering a million dollar prize to any person that finds unknown, unpatched bug in iOS 9 with the main purpose to jailbr
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Access Private Photos and Contacts Without a Passcode on iOS 9 devices

A hacker has found a way to access images and contacts stored on Apple iOS 9 devices even if they are protected with a passcode or Touch ID. A few hours ago I have posted the news on the decision of the Security firm Zerodium to pay a 1 Million Dollars prize for zero-day exploits and jailbreak for the newborn iOS 9. Now I di
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$1M Bounty Announced for iOS 9 Exploits, Jailbreaks

A security firm has announced a one million dollar bounty in reward for anyone who submits exploits and jailbreaks for Apple’s iOS 9 mobile operating system.In a blog post published on Monday, Zerodium officially unveiled “The Million Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty”.“Apple iOS, like all operating system, is often affected by critical securit
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Apple Addresses Dozens of Vulnerabilities, Embraces Two-Factor Authentication in iOS 9

Apple pushed out iOS 9 Wednesday, addressing a cornucopia of vulnerabilities, including bugs that could lead to arbitrary code execution, credential leakage, and interface spoofing among other issues.But conspicuously absent from the update however is a fix for the vulnerability in AirDrop that surfaced this week.The bug, discovered by Mark Dowd, technically
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101 Security-Minded Reasons You Should Update to iOS 9

iOS 9 has arrived! Yesterday, Apple officially released iOS 9 and the update comes to you packed with security fixes: iOS 9 patches 101 vulnerabilities (CVEs), to be exact. This update is available for: iPhone 6, iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later, and iPad 2 and later (including iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2).Apple's iOS 9 update notice
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iOS 9 Security and Privacy Features Explained

It's that time again: Time to update your iOS devices to the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system. iOS 9 brings numerous new features to your iPhone and iPad, and is compatible with all iOS devices that can run iOS 8.If you're getting ready to update, or even if you already updated, it's a good idea to take a few minutes and have a look at the m
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Family Protector Is iOS 9 Compatible

Apple has released iOS 9, hurray! This also means your iOS apps will need compatibility updates themselves to run smoothly. Intego is happy to announce that Family Protector, our iOS parental controls app, is already iOS 9 compatible.The following Family Protector apps are fully compatible with iOS 9:Family Protector 1.0.3 (admin app)Rook 1.0.7 and 1.1KidSet
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Bug in iOS and OSX Allows Writing of Arbitrary Files Via AirDrop

There is a major vulnerability in a library in iOS that allows an attacker to overwrite arbitrary files on a target device and, when used in conjunction with other techniques, install a signed app that the device will trust without prompting the user with a warning dialog.The vulnerability lies in a library in both iOS and OS X, and Mark Dowd, the security r
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