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Hackers leak WhatsApp screenshots and intimate photos of WWE Diva Paige

A new batch of WhatsApp screenshots and intimate photos of the WWE celebrity Diva Paige was published on a popular celebrity leak website. In March, hackers leaked online nude photos and videos of WWE Diva Paige (real name is Saraya Jade-Bevis), and now a new batch of x-rated images of the celebrity appeared on the Internet. Personal and private photos of m
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6 Million Celebrities Instagram High-Profiles Data available for sale on DoxaGram

Doxagram website claims to be selling the email addresses and phone numbers of 6M High-Profiles Instagram accounts ranging from POTUS to Taylor Swift. The story began with the hack of the Selena Gomez Instagram account, a hacker hijacked it and published three nude photos of Justin Bieber. A few days later, it was reported a vulnerability in the Instagram
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Hackers exploited an Instagram flaw access celebrity profile data

An Instagram flaw allowed hackers to access profile information for high-profile users, the incident was confirmed by the company. Instagram has recently suffered a possibly serious data breach with hackers gaining access to the phone numbers and email addresses for many “high-profile” users. Hackers recently accessed personal information of R
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Selena Gomez Instagram hacked! Hackers post Bieber nude photos

Selena Gomez Instagram account has reportedly been hacked. Nude photos of singer Justin Bieber have been published by hackers. Unknown hackers have compromised the Instagram account owned by Selena Gomez and posted nude photographs of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Source Tribune.com The hack doesn’t seem to be associated with the recent Fappening 201
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Fappening 2017 – Private pictures of Miley Cyrus, Stella Maxwell, and others leaked

Fappening 2017 – Private pictures of Miley Cyrus, Stella Maxwell, Kristen Stewart, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have been posted online by a celebrity leak website. It has happened again, another wave of Fappening makes the headlines. Once again celebrities have been targeted by crooks, and unfortunately, they continue to ignore security fundamentals.
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Millions of iCloud Accounts Could Be Wiped if Apple Refuses Ransom

No less than $75,000 in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ether), or $100,000 in iTunes gift cards — this is the exorbitant ransom that cybercriminals have demanded from Apple. The group, calling themselves the Turkish Crime Family, claims to have stolen access to 300 million iCloud accounts, and have threatened to wipe them on April 7 (tomorrow) if the corporation
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iCloud Hacking: The Cybersecurity Gift that Keeps on Giving

You probably remember the massive iCloud breach in 2014 that resulted in compromised celebrity photos spreading through the internet like wildfire. That egregious invasion of privacy caused great embarrassment and damage to the reputations of nearly 100 A-list stars.Fortunately, these bad deeds did not go unpunished. In 2016, two men were brought to justice
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Crime doesn’t pay, Fappening hacker gets 18 months in jail

The person behind the Fappening case, Ryan Collins (36), received a lighter penalty than the five years prison initially on the table for the guilty plea. Do you remember the Fappening case? In 2014, a cache of nude photos and videos of celebrities was leaked online, hackers have stolen them by accessing the iCloud accounts of the victims. The list of victim
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Zero day broker firm Zerodium has tripled iOS exploit bounty to $1.5M

The notorious zero-day broker company Zerodium has raised the value for a remote IOS jailbreak that reached $1.5 million. The popular zero-day broker Zerodium, which is specialized in Buys and Sells zero-day exploits, has tripled the bug bounty for a remote iOS 10 exploit. The company is willing to pay a jailbreak vulnerability to US$1.5 million. Zerodium fi
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Apple will pay up to $200,000 in Bug Bounty Program

Apple has chosen the Black Hat 2016 security conference to announce the launch of its bug bounty program, hackers can earn up to $200,000 for a flaw. Great news for bug hunters, finally Apple announced that it will pay hackers that will find bugs in its products. Apple is the last IT giant to launch its bug bounty program. Major IT firm, including Facebook,
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Man behind The Fappening case charged with hacking celebrity accounts

Pennsylvania man behind the Fappening case Charged with hacking Apple and Google e-Mail accounts belonging to more than 100 people. The culprit of the popular Fappening case may have a name, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on Tuesday that it charged Ryan Collins, 36, of Pennsylvania for hacking Apple and Google E-Mail accounts belonging to more
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An iCloud scam that may be worse than ransomware

Ransomware – malicious software that encrypts your files and then demands payment to unlock them – has become a major scourge of the Windows world. Mac users just had their first brush with such threats last week, with the appearance of the KeRanger ransomware. However, shortly before KeRanger, I encountered a ransomware event in the Mac world fa
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Feds arrested hackers involved in the Fappening Hack Investigation

The FBI raided another the second home in Chicago to arrest the second alleged culprit in the Fappening hack Investigation. In 2014 an unknown hacker leaked online nude pictures of celebrities, including the popular and Kate Upton. We are speaking about the case known as The Fappening, the hacker took over a large number of
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Hacker Charged with Compromising Celebrities’ Emails, Stealing Copyrighted Information

A hacker has been charged with unlawfully accessing a number of celebrities’ email accounts and stealing copyrighted information from both TV and film companies.On Tuesday, federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York charged (PDF) Alonzo Knowles, 23, of the Bahamas, with copyright infringement and identity theft for a scheme that allegedl
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XARA data stealing flaws affect Apple iOS, OSX

A team of researchers from Indiana University discovered a number of XARA vulnerabilities in both Apple’s OS X and iOS that allows Apple Keychain crack. A team of researchers from Indiana University (Luyi Xing, Xialong Bai, XiaoFeng Wang, and Kai Chen lead by Tongxin Li, of Peking University, and Xiaojing Liao, of Georgia Inst
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