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Adaptive Defense 360 Given Stamp of Approval by AV-Comparatives

Defending your devices in our hyperconnected world is no simple task. Your protection should include a wide range of defense mechanisms, a necessary deployment that, until now, has forced IT organizations to purchase and maintain a variety of products from different providers. In December, AV-Comparatives gave their stamp of approval to the three principles
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“Eye Pyramid”, the Cyber-Espionage Malware that has Italy Reeling

This Tuesday, the Italian state police dismantled a cyber-espionage ring spearheaded by a brother and sister that sought to exert control over public institutions and administrations, professional studios, employers, and politicians. The network was able to access confidential information by installing a virus on victims’ computers, stealing information sens
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How to Bolster Security for Your Online Store This Holiday Season

The gift giving season is just around the corner. With the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday already behind us, shops that conduct their sales online (and their clients) should be prepared for the most hectic weeks of the year still to come. Unfortunately, this is also the busiest time of year for scammers that try their luck at fishing in frenzied wa
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Don’t Let Yahoo Happen To You: How to Protect Your Business from Large-Scale Data Theft

In 2016, the theft of passwords from internet titans is no longer an exception. Just when it seemed like the year was winding down, having left us with the surprising news of what until yesterday was considered the highest magnitude cyberattack in history suffered by Yahoo and reported three months ago, this same company returns to headlines after announcin
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In 2017, less malware and more advanced attacks

The decline in new malware and the increased professionalization of attacks will set the tone in cybersecurity for next year, according to PandaLabs’ Cybersecurity  Predictions for 2017. Ransomware will encompass the majority of attacks, and companies will amass a larger number of increasingly advanced intrusions. As far as cybersecurity goes, we bid farewe
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How to avoid hacking to Critical Infrastructure

The cyber-attacks on the backbone of today’s economies are materialized in those assaults that affect society as a whole. The strategic priorities of national security include infrastructure exposed to the threats that can affect the operation of essential services. PandaLabs, Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory, has released a whitepaper called “
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A phishing attack is launched every thirty seconds: 6 tips to protect yourself

Phishing continues to blight the Internet and is a thorn in the side of companies around the globe. Not only is it one of the most serious problems facing any company with even a minimal activity on the Web, it is also an ever-increasing threat. So much so, that a recent study has revealed that in the last year alone there have been more than a million attac
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TrickBot, new spam campaign against companies

On November the 2nd we witnessed a new spam campaign delivering emails each with a Word document attachment targeting UK companies. Each email message had the subject “Companies House – new company complaint” and the Word document attachment was titled “Complaint.doc”. When users open the document, this is what they see: How TickBot works? If the user foll
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AtomBombing, a new threat to your Windows

A few days ago Tal Liberman, a security researcher from the company enSilo revealed a new code injection technique that affects all Windows versions up to Windows 10. Due to the nature of this technique it is unlikely that it can be patched. In this article I’d like to shed light on this attack, its consequences and what can be done in order to protect ours
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Insiders, their costumes are so good you won’t even recognize them.

Knock knock! Trick or treat! Companies and cybercriminals play the same game. You could be opening back doors to cybercriminals this year, without even knowing it. You’ll lose this game if you don’t fight back. Ransomware attacks will capture your documents and the attackers will be expecting a big juicy reward (if you want your files back, that is). This Ha
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Cybercrime Reaches New Heights in the Third Quarter

Cybercrime isn’t slowing down anytime soon. This quarter, cybercriminals were increasingly more ingenious, using innovative technologies and new tools to spread their wares. According to the PandaLabs report, 18 million new malware samples were captured in this quarter alone, an average of 200,000 each day. The wave of sophisticated attacks used this quarte
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They can remotely access and control my computer?

We are always talking about ransomware and the importance of keeping your corporate network protected, and we want to warn our readers about the popular Trojan attacks that are going after small and medium sized businesses. But how do you know when it’s a Trojan? How can you secure yourself against Trojans? 5 Things You Should Know They are maliciou
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POS and Credit Cards: In the Line of Fire with “PunkeyPOS”

PandaLabs, Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory, has been working on an in-depth investigation since May related to Point of Sale terminals (POS) in restaurants across the United States. A new malware sample was discovered during this investigation called PunkeyPOS, a malware variant that is able to access credit card data. PandaLabs left this informati
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Beware of Online Invoices! A Newly Discovered Threat Has Already Crossed Borders

Just a few days ago we received an alert from Endesa, a Spanish electricity company, warning us of a new online scam targeting victims through fraudulent emails. The cyber-criminals send out fake invoices to Spanish users, using the Endesa name, and then the attack hits soon after. Unfortunately, the cyber-criminals were successful in their first attack and
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Billion Dollar Sting: A Financial Corporation’s Worst Nightmare

For years cybercriminals have had their focus on money, and most specifically in the financial system. For more than a decade they have been mainly targeting the weakest link in the chain: the final user that uses online banking services. This approach has some benefits for these cybercriminals: poor security in the end user, small money thefts that can go
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