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Hackers can remotely access Smiths Medical Syringe Infusion Pumps to kill patients

The US-CERT is warning of hackers can remotely access Smiths Medical Syringe Infusion Pumps to control them and kill patients. IoT devices continue to enlarge our surface of attack, and in some cases, their lack of security can put our lives in danger. Let’s thinks for example of medical devices that could be hacked by attackers with serious consequenc
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Defray Ransomware used in targeted attacks on Education and Healthcare verticals

Researchers at Proofpoint spotted Defray Ransomware, a new ransomware used in a targeted campaign against education and healthcare organizations. Earlier this month, researchers at Proofpoint spotted a targeted ransomware campaign against education and healthcare organizations. The ransomware used in the campaign was dubbed Defray, based on the command and c
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Insecure Medical devices are enlarging surface of attacks for organizations

A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute shows insecure Medical devices are enlarging the surface of attacks for organizations. A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, based on a survey of 550 individuals, shows that manufacturers and healthcare delivery organizations (HDO) are concerned about cyber attacks on medical devices. 67 percent of medical dev
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Medical Devices infected by WannaCry Ransomware in US hospitals

According to Forbes, the dreaded WannaCry ransomware has infected medical devices in at least two hospitals in the United States. WannaCry infected 200,000 computers across 150 countries in a matter of hours last week, it took advantage of a tool named “Eternal Blue”, originally created by the NSA, which exploited a vulnerability present inside the earlier v
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Philadelphia Ransomware, a new threat targets the Healthcare Industry

“Philadelphia” Ransomware Targets Healthcare Industry Security experts from Forcepoint have discovered a new strain of ransomware dubbed Philadelphia that is targeting organizations in the healthcare industry. The Philadelphia ransomware is a variant of the Stampado ransomware, a very cheap malware offered for sale on the Dark Web since June 2016
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Attackers Targeting FTP Servers to Access Patient Health Data, Warns FBI

The FBI issued an alert to the healthcare industry warning of criminal actors actively targeting anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers to access protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII).According to the FBI’s Cyber Division, attackers are compromising such information from medical and dental entities in order
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Stolen EHR data is flooding criminal underground communities in the Deep Web

EHR data are precious commodities in the cyber criminal underground because of the lack of cyber security of healthcare industry. Electronic health record databases are becoming the most precious commodities in the cyber criminal underground. The healthcare sector has been the industry with the highest number of data breaches in 2015 when a total of 113.2
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The Healthcare Underground: Electronic Health Records for Sale

By Mayra Rosario (Senior Threat Researcher) In 2016, 91 percent of the U.S. population had health insurance coverage which means at a given time, any person will be effected in the event of a healthcare data breach. How it affects individuals may differ case by case perspective, but its impact to affected people and healthcare institutions are far from mild.
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CRYSIS Ransomware is back and crooks are using RDP attacks once again

CRYSIS Ransomware attacks leveraging brute force via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) are still ongoing, mostly targeting US firms in the healthcare. Do you remember the CRYSIS ransomware? It is a ransomware that appeared in the threat landscape last year, now researchers at Trend Micro discovered the CRYSIS ransomware is being distributed via Remote Desktop Pr
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How Healthy is Security Across Healthcare?

For the first time, 2016 saw the American Medical Association (AMA) placing health data security within their top nine issues affecting physicians (1). This move to the top of the pack of issues, likely being due to the healthcare sector continuously being identified as a top target for cybercriminals. To add weight to the AMA’s advice, the IBM X-Force
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How To Construct Phishing Campaigns for Various Healthcare Roles

What Is Phishing?Phishing is a trick that cyber-criminals use in order to get personal and/or financial information from the person or organization phished. It is a lure that may take the form of an email, webpage, or text in the most common forms of phishing. Negative consequences for the organization can be financial or reputational. The most effecti
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Cyber attacks against the healthcare industry are expected to grow

The number of cyber attacks against organizations in the healthcare industry is increasing, this trend is expected to continue in 2017. The monitoring of the activity in the cyber criminal underground is essential for investigators and security experts. The value of illegal products and services gives us a precious information on cyber criminal trends. Secur
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Checking Up on the Cyberthreat Landscape in the Healthcare Sphere

According to the 2015 SANS Institute Healthcare Cyberthreat Report, a whopping 94 percent of healthcare organizations have been victims of cyberattacks. But surprisingly, only 38 percent of patients said they would “…be wary of using a hospital associated with a hacked device.”Perhaps if the other 62 percent of patients understood the potential of such
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Red Cross Blood Service incident. The Australian largest ever leak of Personal data

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service confirmed the data leak that exposed a backup database containing the personal details of donors. This data leak is considered by security experts one of the most severe due to the nature of the target, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. The sensitive database was discovered on October 24 by a security expert that
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The Health of Healthcare’s Cyber Security

The current diagnosis for healthcare cyber security is frightening.Here’s our current assessment:One in three healthcare records were compromised in 2015 (IBM 2016).Healthcare is the number one industry when it comes to its records being breached (IBM 2016).Ransomware is on the rise, with 88 percent of attacks occurring in healthcare (Solutionary 2016)
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