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Halloween: take your cybersecurity to the next level

It’s Halloween, a great time to scare and be scared. These scares can come from horror films, video clips, or worse yet:  a cyberattacker The game against your enemies has begun, and you won’t win without taking your cybersecurity to the next level. These days, cyberthreats can cause huge financial losses—a total of $45 billion in 2018—be it through the loss
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Insiders, their costumes are so good you won’t even recognize them.

Knock knock! Trick or treat! Companies and cybercriminals play the same game. You could be opening back doors to cybercriminals this year, without even knowing it. You’ll lose this game if you don’t fight back. Ransomware attacks will capture your documents and the attackers will be expecting a big juicy reward (if you want your files back, that is). This Ha
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Tales from the Crypt: Nine ‘Scary’ Security Stories

Popular horror novelist Stephen King once said, “We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.” This couldn’t be more accurate in today’s globally connected world. Sure, ghouls, ghosts and goblins are terrifying but these do not compare to the agony of compromised privacy, cybercrime, or identity theft. The stuff of scary stories may threaten our se
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Forget trick-or-treating – Kill a Zombie this Halloween

Today marks the end of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.NCSAM is supposed to teach us to start taking computer security more seriously.It's also All Hallows' Eve, better known as Halloween.That's when lots of youngsters will be out and about, knocking on other people's doors and saying, "Trick or Treat."Ironic, isn't it?On one hand, we're making an eff
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