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Hacktivity 2018 badge - quick start guide for beginners

You either landed on this blog post because you are a huge fan of Hacktivityyou bought this badge around a year agoyou are just interested in hacker conference badge hacking. or maybe all of the above. Whatever the reasons, this guide should be helpful for those who never had any real-life experience with these little gadgets. But first thing
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Hacktivity 2017 Wrap-Up Day 1

My wrap-up crazy week continues… I’m now in Budapest to attend Hacktivity for the first time. During the opening ceremony some figures were given about this event: 14th edition(!), 900 attendees from 23 different countries and 36 speakers. Here is a nice introduction video. The venue is nice with two tracks in parallel, workshops (called “H
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Hacktivity 2017 Wrap-Up Day 2

Let’s go for more wrap-ups. The second day started smoothly with Haroon Meer’s keynote. There was only one track today, the second room being fully dedicated to hackerspaces. Harron is a renowned speaker and the title of his keynote was “Time to play ‘D’”. The intro was simple: Nothing new, no 0-day, he decided to start his keynote based on his previous talk
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