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Signature update for Symantec Endpoint protection crashed many device

Symantec rolled out an intrusion prevention signature update for its Endpoint Protection product that has caused many devices to crash and display a so-called blue screen of death (BSOD). An intrusion prevention signature update for the Endpoint Protection product had a bad impact on the devices, in many cases it caused the devices to crash and display th
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M6 Group, largest France private multimedia group, hit by ransomware attack

M6, one of France’s biggest TV channels, hit by ransomware Unlike The Weather Channel earlier this year, M6 remained on the air. The M6 Group, the largest France private multimedia group, was the victim of ransomware over the weekend. The systems at the M6 Group, France’s largest private multimedia group, were infected with the ransomwar
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Pitney Bowes revealed that its systems were infected with Ryuk Ransomware

The global shipping and mailing services company Pitney Bowes revealed that the recent partial outage was caused by the Ryuk ransomware. The global shipping and mailing services company Pitney Bowes recently suffered a partial outage of its service caused by a ransomware attack. Pitney Bowes is a global technology company that provides commerce solution
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China-linked cyberspies Turbine PANDA targeted aerospace firms for years

Security firm revealed that China-linked APT group Turbine Panda conducted cyber-espionage operations aimed at various aerospace firms for years. Security researchers at Crowdstrike conducted long-running cyber-espionage operations aimed at various aerospace firms. According to the experts the cyber espionage operations begun in January 2010, after the st
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How Just Opening A Malicious PowerPoint File Could Compromise Your PC

A few months back we reported how opening a simple MS Word file could compromise your computer using a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Office.The Microsoft Office remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2017-0199) resided in the Windows Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) interface for which a patch was issued in April this year, but threa
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New Android Exploit Lets Hackers Steal Your Data, Google Is Aware of the Issue

According to a group of security researchers from There's a new Android Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology and UC Santa Barbara, there's a new Android exploit in the wild, which affects all version of Google's mobile OS.Called Cloak and Dagger, the exploit could allow hackers to steal your information by creating a malicious app tha
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San Francisco Metro System Hacked, Everyone Getting Free Rides

​The San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) was hacked on Friday afternoon to provide free rides to all passengers, with the gates remaining open until late Saturday.Although the hacker who managed to compromise the system hasn’t disclosed his name, he left a message to ask for a ransom should the San Francisco authorities want the service to be restor
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The Internet's Biggest Hacking Forum Removes Its DDoS-for-Hire Section

Omniscient, the administrator of Hack Forums, the Internet's biggest freely accessible hacking-related forum, has announced on Friday, October 26, that he'll be removing the DDoS-for-Hire section from the forum.His decision came after a series of events that have tied his forum with DDoS attacks carried with the Mirai botnet.It all started when a Hac
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Teen Behind Titanium DDoS Stresser Pleads Guilty in London

Adam Mudd, 19, of Toms Lane, Kings Langley, a town northwest of London, pleaded guilty two weeks ago for running the Titanium Stresser, a DDoS-for-hire service.Mudd admitted to two counts of computer misuse, which stem from creating the service, using it himself, and then renting it to other criminals online through the titaniumstresser.net website.Mudd buil
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Interview: LulzCart on His Post-Hacking Life

Have you ever wondered what happens to an Anonymous hacker after his arrest and sentencing? Softpedia caught up with LulzCart, a prodigious hacktivist that had his "career" cut short in May 2012, when Romanian authorities just had enough of his antics.LulzCart, or Gabriel Bălăeasa, had been behind several high-profile defacements, targeting both Ro
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Dropbox and LinkedIn Hacker Most Likely Behind BitMarket.eu Bitcoin Heist

Yevgeniy Nikulin, the Russian national that was recently arrested in the Czech Republic for hacking Dropbox, Formspring, and LinkedIn, might have also stolen around $400,000 from Bitcoin exchange BitMarket.eu, according to new evidence discovered by Microsoft security researcher Tal Be'ery.BitMarket.eu was a short-lived Bitcoin exchange ran by two Polish
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Screenshots Show Hackers Deleting Data from Clinton Campaign Chief's iPhone

Hackers may have just wiped John Podesta's iPhone and iPad after gaining access to his iCloud account, along with his Gmail inbox and Twitter account.Podesta, who serves as Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, had his private emails dumped online by WikiLeaks on October 13.As evidence points out, the WikiLeaks staff failed once again to remove persona
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Drama on the Underground Hacking Scene as Black Hats Hack Each Other

The black hat hacker known as Peace, or Peace_of_Mind, has breached and defaced one of its rival's websites over the weekend following several incidents that can be categorized as "hacker drama."Both hackers are quite notorious on underground hacking forums, and both have been behind well-known hacks and data dumps.Peace is the hacker that has
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Georgia Student Arrested for Hacking University and Changing Grades

Kennesaw police arrested Chase Arthur Hughes for hacking the private computer network of Kennesaw State Univeristy (KSU), changing grades and stealing sensitive information, Fox 5 Atlanta reports.Hughes was arrested this week, but according to reports, he hacked the University's network between May and September this year, using his girlfriend's Inte
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Hacker Defaces 63 Websites with Calls for Jihad

A hacker going by the name of MuslimLeets has hacked and defaced several websites with calls for Jihad, an Islamic term referring to the religious duty of Muslims to maintain and spread the religion, also used today by terrorist groups to justify their crimes.The American Human Rights Council (AHRC) was one of the many organizations affected by this incident
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