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Hacker sells the data for millions of Moscow drivers for $800

Hackers are selling a stolen database containing 50 million records of Moscow driver data on an underground forum for only $800.According to Russian media outlets that purchased the database, the data appears to be valid and contains records collected between 2006 and 2019Russian news publisher Kommersant called a small sample of the exposed indivi
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SCUF Gaming store hacked to steal credit card info of 32,000 customers

Image: SCUF GamingSCUF Gaming International, a leading manufacturer of custom PC and console controllers, is notifying customers that its website was hacked in February to plant a malicious script used to steal their credit card information.SCUF Gaming makes high-performance and customized gaming controllers for PCs and consoles, used by both profession
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After Nation-State Hackers, Cybercriminals Also Add Sliver Pentest Tool to Arsenal

The cybercriminal group tracked as TA551 recently showed a significant change in tactics with the addition of the open-source pentest tool Sliver to its arsenal, according to cybersecurity firm Proofpoint.Also referred to as Shathak, TA551 is an initial access broker known for the distribution of malware through thread hijacking – a technique where the adver
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Organized Cybercrime: The Big Business Behind Hacks and Attacks

There’s a person behind every cybercrime. That’s easy to lose sight of. After all, cybercrime can feel a little anonymous, like a computer is doing the attacking instead of a person. Yet people are indeed behind these attacks, and over the years they’ve been getting organized—where cybercriminals structure and run their operations in ways that darkly mirror
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US to Curb Hacking Tool Exports to Russia, China

US authorities unveiled Wednesday long-delayed new rules aimed at clamping down on export to nations like Russia and China of hacking technology amid a sharp uptick in cyberattacks globally.The rules, which are set to go into force in 90 days, would prevent the sale of certain software or devices to a list of countries unless approved by a bureau of the Comm
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US Bureau of Industry and Security bans export of hacking tools to authoritarian regimes

The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) would ban U.S. firms from selling hacking tools to authoritarian regimes. The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) would introduce a new export control rule aimed at banning the export or resale of hacking tools to authoritarian regimes.  The rule an
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US govt to ban export of hacking tools to authoritarian regimes

Image: Lucas SankeyThe Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) today announced new controls that would ban U.S. companies from exporting and reselling software and hardware tools that could be used to fuel authoritarian practices through malicious hacking activities and human rights abuse.The rule will become effective in 90 days and
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New Gummy Browsers attack lets hackers spoof tracking profiles

University researchers in the US have developed a new fingerprint capturing and browser spoofing attack called Gummy Browsers. They warn how easy the attack is to carry out and the severe implications it can have.A digital fingerprint is a unique online identifier associated with a particular user based on a combination of a device's characteristics. These c
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Acer hacked twice in a week by the same threat actor

Acer has suffered a second cyberattack in just a week by the same hacking group that says other regions are vulnerable.Last week, threat actors known as 'Desorden' emailed journalists to say they hacked Acer India's servers and stole data, including customer information.Acer later confirmed the breach but stated it was an "isolated attack," af
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Man gets 7 years in prison for hacking 65K health care employees

Justin Sean Johnson, also known as TheDearthStar and Dearthy Star, was sentenced this week to seven years in prison for the 2014 hack of the health care provider and insurer University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).After breaching UPMC's human resources databases, Johnson stole the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and 
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LightBasin hacking group breaches 13 global telecoms in two years

A group of hackers that security researchers call LightBasin has been compromising mobile telecommunication systems across the world for the past five years.Since 2019, the group hacked into more than a dozen telecommunication companies and maintained persistence through custom malware, to steal data that would serve intelligence organizations.Hopping throug
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$1.9 Million Paid Out for Exploits at China's Tianfu Cup Hacking Contest

iOS 15, Chrome, Windows, VMware Hacked at China's Tianfu CupSeveral white hat hacker teams that took part in the Chinese hacking contest Tianfu Cup over the weekend earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for their exploits.The Tianfu Cup hacking competition is similar to Pwn2Own — participants can earn significant rewards for vulnerabilities and exploit cha
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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Hacker Sentenced to Prison

The individual who hacked the human resources databases of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center was sentenced to seven years in prison, the United States Department of Justice announced.The man, Justin Sean Johnson, 30, formerly of Detroit, Michigan, who was known on the dark web as TheDearthStar and Dearthy Star, stole personally identifiable informa
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Social Networks Account Stealer Hidden in Android Gaming Hacking Tool

Authored by: Wenfeng Yu McAfee Mobile Research team recently discovered a new piece of malware that specifically steals Google, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and PUBG game accounts. This malware hides in a game assistant tool called “DesiEsp” which is an assistant tool for PUBG game available on GitHub. Basically, cyber criminals added their own malicious code
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#TripwireBookClub – Practical IoT Hacking: The Definitive Guide to Attacking the Internet of Things

Previously, we reviewed The Ghidra Book: The Definitive Guide because several of us were working with Ghidra, and it was a topic that made sense. Similarly, we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about Internet of Things (IoT) Security. Whether it is Craig Young winning the first-ever SOHOpelessly Broken contest at DEF CON or the team running the IoT Ha
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