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What Personal Data Do Companies Track?

Private tech companies gather tremendous amounts of user data. These companies can afford to let you use social media platforms free of charge because it’s paid for by your data, attention, and time.   Big tech derives most of its profits by selling your attention to advertisers — a well-known business model. Various documentaries (like Netflix’s “The Social
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How to Delete Old Accounts Containing Personal Information

Your digital footprint grows with every internet account you make. While your old Tumblr account may be fun for reminiscing, dormant accounts are actually one of the most significant sources of user data on the internet. These accounts can be used by data brokers or third parties to access your personal information.   To improve your data security, it’s good
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Ransomware attack turns 2022 into 1977 for Somerset County

1977 was quite the year. Led Zeppelin! Jimmy Carter! Saturday Night Fever! We can now add “a ransomware attack” to this once static list. Somerset County, New Jersey, has been hit so hard by a network assault that they’ve ended up in the direst straits imaginable, with county databases unavailable to provide information on land records a
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Gmail-linked Facebook accounts vulnerable to attack using a chain of bugs—now fixed

A security researcher has disclosed how he chained together multiple bugs in order to take over Facebook accounts that were linked to a Gmail account. Youssef Sammouda states it was possible to target all Facebook users but that it was more complicated to develop an exploit, and using Gmail was actually enough to demonstrate the impact of his discoveries.
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Client side scanning may cost more than it delivers

On May 11, 2022, the EU will publicize a proposal for a law on mandatory chat control. The European Commission wants all providers of email, chat and messaging services to search for suspicious messages in a fully automated way and forward them to the police in the fight against child pornography. History In 2020, the European Commission initiated temp
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How to remove Google from your life

Swearing off a company used to be easier. Rude customer service, an unfortunate bout of food poisoning, even standing up for workers’ rights against the alleged involvement of a private company to order a country’s military to brutally quash a strike—almost every facet of an individual boycott could be satisfied by simply refusing to purchase a company’s pro
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New Gmail Spam Filtering Rules: Check Your Spam Mailbox

If you use Gmail, as millions of people do, or if you send email to people who use that service, you may have noticed that the way Gmail filters spam has changed in the past couple of months. Gmail users are seeing many legitimate emails in their spam folders, and senders are finding that people don’t receive their emails. (Here are two Google suppor
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How the 2011 DigiNotar Attacks Changed Cybersecurity for the Next Decade

The DigiNotar attack in 2011 set itself apart because it was an attack on the cybersecurity industry itself. Most attacks are on a single company. But this one shook trust in cybersecurity tools and how users decide whom to trust online. After covering this industry for years, I’ve seen firsthand how cyber attacks don’t happen in a vacuum. Inste
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Google warns some users that FancyBear’s been prowling around

APT28, also known as FancyBear, is at the heart of another targeted campaign. This time, it’s sniffing around users of Google services. Some 14,000 people have been notified about a spear phish attempt looking to compromise accounts and access their files. When did this happen? Sometime late September, according to the folks at Google. They didn’t go i
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No April Fool’s Jokes Here, and Other News – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 181

We talk about new malware targeting iOS developers, fleeceware in the App Store, 5G vulnerabilities that can leak your location, and discuss private browsing windows, with a Safari tip that is useful for anyone who uses this feature. And we have no April Fool’s jokes.Google Gets the Message, Launches Gmail1.1.1.1Apple WWDC21Apple releases emergency upd
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Gmail users from US most targeted by email-based phishing and malware

Google revealed that Gmail users from the United States are the most targeted by email-based phishing and malware. A joint five-month study conducted by Google with Stanford University researchers analyzed over 1.2 billion email-based phishing and malware attacks against Gmail users to determine what are factors influence the risk of attack. Experts d
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What Google learned from 1 billion evil email scams

Google and researchers at Stanford University have released an in-depth study analysing 5 months of phishing / malware mails sent globally. “Who is targeted by email-based phishing and malware? Measuring factors that differentiate risk” looked at more than a billion mails. The results were then fed into a presentation at the Internet Measurement
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Was Google hacked?

Google has been hit by a massive global outage that stopped users from accessing virtually every Google service, including Gmail, YouTube, and Google Docs. Users reported an inability to sign in to Gmail; watch videos; access essential documents, and execute simple tasks on the platform. The problems started occurring in early Monday morning, and Google says
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Google fixed email spoofing flaw 7 hours after public disclosure

Google addressed an email spoofing vulnerability affecting Gmail and G Suite a few hours after it was publicly disclosed. Google addressed an email spoofing vulnerability affecting its Gmail and G Suite products a few hours after it was publicly disclosed, but the IT giant was ware of the flaw since April. On Wednesday, the researcher Allison Husain pu
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Gmail blocked 18 Million phishing and malware emails using COVID-19 lures in a week

Google says that the Gmail malware scanners have blocked around 18 million phishing and malware emails using COVID-19 lures in just one week. Google announced that its anti-malware solutions implemented to defend its Gmail users have blocked around 18 million phishing and malware emails using COVID-19 lures within the last seven days. The IT giant also an
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