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Beware tragic “my daughter died…” Facebook posts offering free PS5s

Tragic tales are being posted to Facebook, combined with the offer of a giveaway. However, some are perhaps not quite what they seem. The PS5 is still one of the hottest bits of tech around, and near-total lack of availability, combined with a high sale price, means that some people will do whatever they can to obtain one. As a result, PS5 scams are rife.
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The fake Elon Musk Bitcoin giveaway marathon will NOT make you rich

Today we look at a fakeout which begins with Elon Musk, and ends with a trip to Mars (or, if you’re really lucky, the Sun). One of the most annoying “features” of Twitter is being added to lists without permission. It’s a theoretically useful way to keep track of certain topics. It’s often also used for trolling or spam. A friend of mine was
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