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Do Macs need antivirus software?

One of the most common questions Intego receives is whether Macs need antivirus software. Naturally, it's fair for you to assume that our opinion may be a bit biased—not just because Intego offers antivirus software as well as a full security suite to protect Macs, but also because our malware researchers are at the front line, and regularly discover new mal
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Apple Fails to Properly Fix Gatekeeper Security Hole, Claims Researcher

Anyone who remembers those "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac" ads from some years back will surely remember that a key message that Apple wants to get across to potential customers was this: PCs have a malware problem, Macs don't.Of course, that message was partly spin — there had been malware for Apple computers, even before it had existed for PCs.And, in recent years,
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How malware developers could bypass Mac’s Gatekeeper without really trying

In September, Ars reported a drop-dead simple exploit that completely bypassed an OS X security feature known as Gatekeeper. Apple shipped a fix, but now the security researcher who discovered the original vulnerability said he found an equally obvious work-around.Further ReadingDrop-dead simple exploit completely bypasses Mac’s malware GatekeeperA key limit
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Researcher demonstrates how malware can bypass OS X’s “completely broken” Gatekeeper

Virus Bulletin 2015, Prague - Researcher Patrick Wardle says he "loves his Mac, but it's so easy to hack".At the VB2015 conference in Prague earlier today, Wardle explained to members of the security community how he had uncovered a way to easily waltz past one of the key safeguards that Apple built into its OS X operating system to block unauthorised code,
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Apple Patches 100+ Vulnerabilities in OS X, Safari, iOS

UPDATE Apple pushed out its latest operating system, El Capitan, yesterday, and while it boasts many security fixes, the update fails to address the outstanding vulnerability in Gatekeeper that came to light this week.The issue with Gatekeeper, as described yesterday by Patrick Wardle, the director of research at Synack, fails to verify whether an app runs o
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Drop-dead simple exploit completely bypasses Mac’s malware Gatekeeper

Since its introduction in 2012, an OS X feature known as Gatekeeper has gone a long way to protecting the Macs of security novices and experts alike. Not only does it help neutralize social engineering attacks that trick less experienced users into installing trojans, code-signing requirements ensure even seasoned users that an installer app hasn't been mali
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