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What is crypto gaming?

The online gambling industry is worth an estimated $53.7 billion every year. From virtual cards and online sports betting to bingo and video slots, there are thousands of ways to wager cash through digital casinos. And now some are offering crypto gaming to their customers. What is crypto gaming? Crypto gaming blends online casino games and betting with cryp
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Two Sony PS5 exploits disclosed the same day

Threat actors stole PS5 root keys using kernel exploits demonstrating the need to improve the security of the popular gaming console. Threat actors stole Sony PS5 root keys from the popular gaming console using two exploits for kernel vulnerabilities. The two exploits weren’t disclosed to the company, the hackers published both exploits on Twitter o
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Multiple video games break after domain name snafu

We’ve seen quite a few complaints from gamers this past weekend, unable to load up and play games on the Steam platform. The problem wasn’t hackers, or DDoS attacks, or anything else. Rather, the issue is something bundled with the game by default designed to keep titles “secure” from tampering. When something simple is overlooked, the fallout can be signifi
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What is Twitch?

Twitch is primarily a site dedicated to live streaming content. It also offers the ability to chat with others in the Stream you happen to be in via text. The primary draw of Twitch streams is video games and e-sports, leading to the rise of many big name streamers and content creators. Is Twitch just for gaming? In addition to gaming streams, Twitch a
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Minecraft Japanese gamers hit by Chaos ransomware using alt lists as lure

Chaos Ransomware operators target gamers’ Windows devices using Minecraft alt lists as a lure and promoting them on gaming forums. Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, it had more than 140 million monthly active players in August 2021. Cybercriminals are attempting to exploit this popularity, the Chaos Ransomware gang is targetin
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Chaos ransomware targets gamers via fake Minecraft alt lists

The Chaos Ransomware gang encrypts gamers' Windows devices through fake Minecraft alt lists promoted on gaming forums.Minecraft is a massively popular sandbox video game currently played by over 140 million people, and according to Nintendo sales numbers, it's a top-seller title in Japan.Masked as an 'alt list' text fileAccording to researchers at Forti
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We dig into the Game Players Code

Gaming security is getting a lot of attention at the moment. Rightly so; it’s a huge target for scammers and malware authors. Malicious ads, fake games, survey scams, phishing attacks…whatever you can think of, it’s in use. Some target kids and steal their accounts, selling them on. Others go after parents, who have their payment details tied to variou
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“Free Steam game” scams on TikTok are Among Us

TikTok has long since evolved beyond being thought of as “just” dance clips, also becoming a home for educational and informative content presented in a fun and casual way. There are accounts themed around pretty much any interest you can think of, and one of the biggest is gaming. It’s not all entirely innocent, however. Sometimes we ob
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Twitch game page backgrounds defaced with Jeff Bezos' face

On Twitch's website's game pages today appeared a close up of Jeff Bezos' face, in what appears to be a mysterious defacement attack.It's been a rough week for Twitch, with threat actors claiming on Wednesday that they breached the company and leaked on 4chan a 125GB archive containing Twitch.tv source code, internal tools, and streamer revenue reports.Twitc
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Epic Games now requires Epic Online Services - How to Install

Epic Games now requires users to install Epic Online Services to properly use the Launcher. Here's how to fix the blank screen that is preventing users from installing this new service.When users launch the Epic Games Launcher, they are greeted with a message stating, "Epic Online Services installation is required - you will not receive any Launcher updates
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New BloodyStealer malware is targeting the gaming sector

Researchers spotted a new malware, dubbed BloodyStealer, that could allow stealing accounts for multiple gaming platforms. Researchers from Kaspersky have spotted a new malware dubbed BloodyStealer that is being used by threat actors to steal accounts for multiple gaming platforms, including Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG Galaxy, EA Origin, and more. Th
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8 Online Gaming Security Risks – Are You Protected?

If it’s connected to the Internet, criminals will eventually attack it. We’re quite used to stories about computers and smartphones being hacked – but did you know online gaming can also be used to steal personal information? Here are eight ways that criminals are preparing to attack through your online games. “Weak” passwords Simple passwords are really
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5 Online Gaming Tips to Stay Safe From Hackers

For some, vanquishing aliens, building virtual amusement parks, and online battles royale are an excellent stress reliever. As we all know, over the past year there’s been plenty of stress to relieve and more spare time on our hands in which to revel in our hobbies. There was a 30% jump in online gaming traffic from the first to the second quarter of 2020. 
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The Stolen Source Code For FIFA 21 Was Just Published Online

A couple of months ago, hackers managed to steal the code for EA’s FIFA 21 videogame after they tricked an Electronic Arts employee into providing them with a login token. With a few swift moves, the criminals were in possession of the 780GB source code of EA’s 2021 version of the company’s best-selling franchise. The bad actors then demanded $28 million in
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Microsoft’s fix for Windows 10 gaming issues is coming soon

With the release of Windows 10's March 2021 updates and subsequent updates, some users have been experiencing performance issues when playing games. These gaming issues include decreased frame rate, stuttering in certain games, and flickering textures.The problem was widely reported in March and NVIDIA had even recommended that users shou
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