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FIFA 21 game scams: watch out for unsporting conduct

Despite COVID-19, soccer season is slowly ebbing its way back into daily life around the world. It’s also sneaking back onto TV screens in the form of huge-budget video games. Step up to the plate, FIFA 21. FIFA games: the football juggernaut The FIFA series is an absolute monster in terms of sales, clocking in at around 280 million copies across
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Minecraft, Modding and You

Have your children lost entire jam sandwiches down the back of the sofa? Is your cat sick of water pistols? Do they download all the things? We can’t do much about the first two, but that last one is most definitely something we can assist you with. Minecraft is absolutely huge where children are concerned, and for many its their first introduction int
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Dozens of games infected with Xiny available on the Google Play

Experts at Dr Web discovered dozens of Android game apps in the Google Play Store have been infected with the Android.Xiny Trojan. Bad news for Android users, according to the security Doctor Web firm dozens of game apps in the Google Play Store have been infected with the Android.Xiny.19.origin Trojan. The malware could allow
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“Steam VAC Remover” Leads to Mobile Offers

There are 398 game titles on Steam which make use of the Valve Anti-Cheat system (VAC for short), and should you be hit with the Banhammer, you’ll be prevented from playing on VAC secured servers forever. Sites and programs often claim to be able to get around VAC bans, and the below website is no exception. steamunban(dot)fr They claim to have a R
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Press H to Hack: Unsolicited

Raise your hands if you want to be a mail order spammer! / Casts suspicious eye into the TFT ….oh, right. Nobody. Well, that’s good. However, if you want to pretend to be a mail order spammer, you could do worse than fire up an experimental browser game called “Unsolicited” (NOTE: That’s a direct link to the game, and music will
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“Free Games” App Needs a Power Up

“Welcome to the never ending fun! Unlimited games in just one click! Games Desktop is a PC app that allows downloading the best rated games for FREE. Stop looking for free games on the internet; you have all of them wrapped just in one!” As game related offers go, it sounds pretty good, right? I’m guessing many would be particularly excite
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Weekly Metasploit Wrapup: Hackers of Might and Magic

Vegas: That's a WrapWell, another trek out to the Nevada desert is behind us. I actually love heading out there every year, since it gives me a chance to connect with a sizable chunk of the Metasploit contributor community in a corporeal way. That just fills me with warm fuzzies, so thanks to all of you who made the pilgrimage. You, the open source security
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TeslaCrypt: Video game Safety 101

TeslaCrypt is a piece of Ransomware which encrypts your data and locks it behind a “Pay up some serious cash or no files for you” series of messages designed to inspire fear and a liberal slice of money being thrown at the TFT. All your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted with strongest encryption RSA-2048
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Apotheon: A heroic action game released for Linux

Not so long ago, the terms “Linux” and “gaming” had nothing in common. In fact, “Linux” didn’t have much in common with pretty much anything else in the field of entertainment, being considered an operating system for highly skilled individuals (which is just a fancy way of saying it was for geeks and nerds only). However, things have changed a lot lately, a
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Evolve Gamers Hunted by Malware

Evolve is a new co-op game which involves four people running after a big monster and firing laser beams until it decides to fall over (that’s the TL;DR version). It’s been whipping up hype for some time now, and with the recent release of the game on February 11 malware was always going to follow close behind. The game is designed to pitch four
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PlugX RAT compromised official releases of popular games in Asia

Hacks in Taiwan security conference has uncovered a malware-based attack involving several online games to spread the PlugX RAT. Experts at Trend Micro have spotted a new malicious campaign based on the popular PlugX RAT, the threat actor behind the attack has bundled the malware with League of Legends (LoL) and Path of Exile
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Popular Game Rental Site Issues Statement on Alleged “Fraudulent Payment Attempts”

It’s come to light that Boomerangrentals(dot)co(dot)uk [traffic stats],  is investigating claims from customers that they’ve had fraudulent payment attempts on cards registered to them. Up to now, Boomerang had made the following comments on the unfolding situation on Reddit: [1], [2]. The Boomerang website has since been taken offline (“Ou
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Linux Games: Natural Selection 2

For a very long time I wanted an FPS that manages to blend seamlessly the FPS and RTS genre, and this is how I got into Natural Selection 2. This is a multiplayer oriented game where you can take the role of either humans or aliens as you try to survive and lead your race to victory. Story Natural Selection 2 comes with a simplistic, yet highly appealing s
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“To get free Steam games, follow these 4 steps…”

Here’s a .tk URL claiming to offer up free Steam games located at free-steam-games-2014(dot)tk If you’re fond of seeing [Sic] pop up in a piece of writing then here comes Christmas (and possibly Halloween): Choose A Game That You Want To Grab It [Sic] For Free. Put Your Steam Account Information Bellow. [Sic] Click On "Get Your Game" Button.
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The “Kevin the Game Dev” Tumblr Spam Run

Say hello to “Kevin“. He can’t help but send multiple spam comments to Tumblr users, asking them to try a game he’s been “working on”. The messages are all mostly the same, except for the name of the company he supposedly works at and the game he’s asking people to try out. As best we can tell, the games mentioned ar
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